Marla & Clayton • 5 years

Oct 3, 2013
Marla & Clayton • 5 years Marla-Clayton_MKP_015Marla-Clayton_MKP_009Marla-Clayton_MKP_1Marla-Clayton_MKP_014Marla-Clayton_MKP_019 Marla-Clayton_MKP_020 Marla-Clayton_MKP_2Marla-Clayton_MKP_026 Marla-Clayton_MKP_029 Marla-Clayton_MKP_034 Marla-Clayton_MKP_035 Marla-Clayton_MKP_049 Marla-Clayton_MKP_050


We really hope you love todays anniversary session! We saw this Anniversary session on instagram and we knew we wanted to know more about this couple. So we contacted the photographer Michelle Kim and we asked her to send these over to us as well with a series of questions they answered for us.

We asked them:

How did you meet? Tell us your story!

As a single mom with a a 4 year boy I took in a homeless lady who got a job at a christian book store and her boss set me up with her neighbor, my husband. Our first date lasted 6 hours and 6 weeks later he proposed at Castello  Di’Amorosa, a winery in Northern CA. A year later we were married in Colorado.  

What do you love most about each other?

I love that my husband keeps me grounded. Most importantly I love how he loves my son just as much as he loves me.  My husband is my rock. He loves that I’m loyal to my him and my children. He loves that I’m generous and that I have a passion for life.  

What have you learned over your years of marriage?

Together we have learned that marriage is work but definitely worth it. A God centered marriage with communication and the ability to compromised will keep us together.

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