Lasting Love
Diny & John • 60 years

Sep 6, 2013
Diny & John • 60 years
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We asked:

How did they two meet, tell us your story:

We met on a soccer field when Diny was 18. That same night we went to a cabaret togethe – it was love at first sight!

Describe the proposal:  

Diny – It was an unexpected situation….we were told we had to bring our marriage certificate to immigration within a week to be able to move to Australia.  So we had to arrange to get married with a week.

What do they love most about each other?  

Diny – That he is always happy and he has the most beautiful singing voice.

John – Her kindness and generosity and I love and think that she is the best fruit picker on the east coast!

We also love to dance to Tango music together

What have they learned over their years of marriage?:  

That family is most important to both of us.

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