Alicia & Paul • 1 Year

Feb 4, 2014
Alicia & Paul • 1 Year



We asked them:

How did you meet? Tell us your story!

I had a crush on Paul when we were both 13 years old and he was the “new kid” at our middle school. We ran in different circles throughout high school and never really spoke until 8 years after graduation, when Paul came through the coffee stand at which I was working. He asked for my number and set up a date, only to have me stand him up. When I explained that I had been too nervous to go out with my former crush, he (surprisingly, thankfully) gave me another chance and we’ve have been inseparable ever since.

What do you love most about each other?

Both of us had one requirement in a partner and that is a sense of humor. A fender-bender, a trip to the emergency room or even just a bad day can still be a fun time together when you both can laugh about it. We laugh every day together.

What have you learned over your years of marriage?

We have really learned to be honest with ourselves and each other when it comes to how we’re feeling and then communicating that to one another. Sometimes you just have to say, “I’m having these silly thoughts right now about this or that, but this is how I’m feeling, can you give me some reassurance?” or realizing that your partner’s loud typing isn’t what’s really annoying you, but looking at yourself to recognize you are tired, hungry, etc. and then letting them know in a kind way.

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