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Laurie & Everett • 1 Year

Oct 28, 2013
Laurie & Everett • 1 Year west-palm-beach-florida-vow-renewal-melanie-gabrielle-photography-beloved-darling3west-palm-beach-florida-vow-renewal-melanie-gabrielle-photography-beloved-darling9west-palm-beach-florida-vow-renewal-melanie-gabrielle-photography-beloved-darling2west-palm-beach-florida-vow-renewal-melanie-gabrielle-photography-beloved-darling13west-palm-beach-florida-vow-renewal-melanie-gabrielle-photography-beloved-darling11west-palm-beach-florida-vow-renewal-melanie-gabrielle-photography-beloved-darling5west-palm-beach-florida-vow-renewal-melanie-gabrielle-photography-beloved-darling1west-palm-beach-florida-vow-renewal-melanie-gabrielle-photography-beloved-darling4west-palm-beach-florida-vow-renewal-melanie-gabrielle-photography-beloved-darling12west-palm-beach-florida-vow-renewal-melanie-gabrielle-photography-beloved-darling10west-palm-beach-florida-vow-renewal-melanie-gabrielle-photography-beloved-darling6west-palm-beach-florida-vow-renewal-melanie-gabrielle-photography-beloved-darling8west-palm-beach-florida-vow-renewal-melanie-gabrielle-photography-beloved-darling14


We’ve had our eye on this photographer Melanie Gabrielle for a while and when she posted some stills from a Vow Renewal she photographed, we knew we wanted to share them with our readers. Laurie and Everett wanted to celebrate their 1 year anniversary with a simple and sweet vow renewal in their original wedding attire. We asked them some questions about their relationship, here’s what they answered.

How did you two meet? 

From Laurie: I met Everett at the church we both worked at. I saw him from across the church cafe and I instantly knew I would marry him. 

What do you love most about each other?

Laurie: I love how intentional, sweet and servant-hearted he is.

Everett: I love how loving and fun Laurie is and how she always takes care of me. 

Why did you choose to do a anniversary/vow renewal?

We really wanted to celebrate milestones in our first year of marriage. Dressing up gain without all the stress of a wedding day allowed us to have fun and enjoy some time in out wedding attie. It really kept our spark going an is one of the things that keeps us in love. 

What was your favorite memory from your Vow Renewal?

We loved being able to snuggle and enjoy each other without any time crunches. We loved seeing each other in our wedding attire and remembering all the special moments from our wedding day.

What do you think the secret to a lasting marriage?

Take time to date, be married and love your spouse the way that means most to them. Whether that is physically, with quality time, by serving, or giving gifts, learn how your spouse feels most loved and try to met those areas as often as possible. Also, limit social media especially when driving in the car, use that time to talk or just hold hands. Piggie back rides are also a great way to keep your marriage fun and carefree. 

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