Whitney & Steven Engaged

Apr 9, 2014
Whitney & Steven Engaged Cordell_Apodaca_Latisha_Lyn_Photography_latishalyn2Cordell_Apodaca_Latisha_Lyn_Photography_latishalyn5Cordell_Apodaca_Latisha_Lyn_Photography_latishalyn35Cordell_Apodaca_Latisha_Lyn_Photography_latishalyn38Cordell_Apodaca_Latisha_Lyn_Photography_latishalyn15Cordell_Apodaca_Latisha_Lyn_Photography_latishalynCordell_Apodaca_Latisha_Lyn_Photography_latishalyn63Cordell_Apodaca_Latisha_Lyn_Photography_latishalyn29Cordell_Apodaca_Latisha_Lyn_Photography_latishalyn27Cordell_Apodaca_Latisha_Lyn_Photography_latishalyn28Cordell_Apodaca_Latisha_Lyn_Photography_latishalyn4Cordell_Apodaca_Latisha_Lyn_Photography_latishalyn12Cordell_Apodaca_Latisha_Lyn_Photography_latishalyn13Cordell_Apodaca_Latisha_Lyn_Photography_latishalyn59Cordell_Apodaca_Latisha_Lyn_Photography_latishalyn78Cordell_Apodaca_Latisha_Lyn_Photography_latishalyn77Cordell_Apodaca_Latisha_Lyn_Photography_latishalyn48Cordell_Apodaca_Latisha_Lyn_Photography_latishalyn52Cordell_Apodaca_Latisha_Lyn_Photography_latishalyn43


“I have found the one whom my soul loves” Song of Soloman 3:4

These words describe us as a couple and every minute we share together, since the first day we were introduced. Steven and I met on a blind date a little over a year ago. We fell in love instantly and he proposed on our year anniversary. It’s the raddest feeling being completely head over heels in love with someone and knowing they are just as excited and proud of you as you are of them. There was no doubt that we were meant to be husband and wife and we couldn’t be happier for our upcoming August wedding! We had known Tish and Matt were going to be our photographers even before our engagement. Steven and I absolutely love how they capture couples true emotion and love for each other in their photography in a more artistic, non cheesy way. During our engagement session I felt like we were old friends just hanging out and they just happened to have a camera capturing this special moment in our lives. Steven and I were able to get lost in each other and just be ourselves. I get so giddy looking at our engagement photos because they scream “us.” Our experience was full of laughs, quirkiness, romance, and love. Tish and Matt are amazing photographers and an inspiring couple and I can’t wait for them to capture our wedding day! Hooray!

Congratulations to Whitney and Steven on their engagement!

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