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Lois & Kelly • 65 Years

May 12, 2014
Lois & Kelly • 65 Years TinaBoyd_Dawson_036tina-boyd-photography-1TinaBoyd_Dawson_011TinaBoyd_Dawson_022TinaBoyd_Dawson_013tina-boyd-photography-2TinaBoyd_Dawson_020TinaBoyd_Dawson_030


How did you two meet? Tell us your story.

(The wife telling the story) We were introduced by his sister, who was a nurse at a hospital and had been attending to me after a cheerleading accident. The introduction occurred on the day he returned after serving in the Pacific in WWII as an Artillery Lieutenant. While I was hospitalized, my husband was also in an Army hospital in Tokyo with a ruptured appendix.

One day, his sister threw herself on my hospital bed crying because her mother received a telegram that day that her big brother was in critical condition. She asked me if I could please pray for him. I prayed for about a week, and I asked if I could see a picture of the man I’d been praying for. So the next morning, she brought a picture of him in his Army garb, and I truly believe I fell in love with the picture. A week after that, I got out of the hospital and my now sister-in-law invited me to lunch at her home. It just so happened that this same day was the day my husband surprised his family by returning home from the war. He greeted me at the door and said, “Well. You must be Lois.” And I said, “And you must be Kelly.” Little did I know, his sister was writing him letters about me the whole time. And the rest is history. 65 years later.

What is the secret to a long lasting marriage?

Our secret to a long lasting marriage is this: always be true to one another.

What is your favorite memory together?

Our favorite memory together is our 6 beautiful children (5 boys, 1 girl) (especially the girl) and their children, our grandchildren. We live and breathe them everyday.

What do you love most about each other?

She loves his honesty, his intelligence, and his utmost love and caring for his family. What I love most about my wife is her caring nature, her beauty and her charm, as well as her big heart and generosity. It has been a delightful 65 years.

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