Beka & Matt Engaged

Jan 17, 2014
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We were so happy to see this awesome engagement session from Diana McGregor with Beka and Matt! Beka is a stylist at BHLDN and she styled this session to perfection!

How did you two meet? Tell us your story.

We met in grad school, and Matt was interested first.  He made the connection that we had mutual friends (his best friend from college (in Santa Barbara) went to school with Beka in Dallas), and used the in to arrange a couple of study dates.  After meeting up a couple of times, Matt texted Beka that he liked her and wanted to go on a date.  Beka was caught off guard, but appreciated his boldness and agreed to a first date.  We hung out a lot after that date, but Beka wasn’t sure that he was for her.  Instead she lent Matt her French press coffee maker so that she knew that he had some collateral, ensuring that he would be in her life at least as a friend. A week or so later, while Beka was on a date with another guy, she realized that she wished she was with Matt so she secretly texted him on her date asking if she could stop by and tell him something. That night, she admitted to both Matt and herself that she wanted to be with Matt. Knowing that Valentines was a few days away, Matt planned a perfect surprise date for an animal-lover like Beka. He drove her out to a pygmy goat farm to see exotic small farm animals.  Beka knew then that Matt could be the one. 

Describe the proposal.

After a couple years of dating, Matt was starting to think proposal, but decided he wanted to keep Beka in the dark about his plans and make it a surprise.  We were heading to New York City to spend Thanksgiving with Beka’s brother and sister in law.  Matt had wanted to buy Beka a unique ring made by a New York designer, since Beka had lived in the city before we met. After considerable online searching, he was able to sneak away and see the ring he had been looking for in person at Catbird in Brooklyn.  He hid the ring in his bag, but couldn’t wait to ask Beka to marry him.  A staggered flight schedule on the way home meant that Matt picked her up from LAX, and when she walked up to his car, Matt was wearing her favorite bow tie and a goofy grin.  Instead of grabbing her bag, he got down on one knee and told Beka that wherever life takes them, they should be together.  After realizing that this was a proposal, she said yes!

To Beka’s credit, she was completely shocked at the proposal although they had talked about getting married one day.  Over her time in NYC, she had several friends ask about when she and Matt were planning to get married so she started to get curious.  During her brief layover, she called Matt and asked for herself.  Matt assured her it would be some time in the next year, so she assumed that it would be months away, not hours!  Beka, one who loves surprises, was shocked by the timing, thoughtful proposal, and engagement ring (which he had picked all by himself!), which had a beautiful sapphire, a stone “good enough for royalty (think Princess Diana and Kate Middleton)” which also happened to be Matt’s birthstone.

What was your favorite memory from your proposal?

Beka’s favorite memory was walking up to Matt’s car and seeing him close his door, turning around, and seeing him in her favorite bowtie (which happens to be featured in the photoshoot) and his silly grin.  He only wears that whale bowtie for special occasions, this being my favorite!

What do you love most about each other?

Beka loves how Matt can seamlessly transition from strong and sensitive to funny and cuddly.  She also loves that he looks like a little bear.

Matt loves that Beka is a beautiful force of creative energy.  Whether she is getting friends out on the dance floor and creating a great moment, or coming up with impromptu silly songs around the house, she is always making him smile.

Stylist: Beka Gonzalez: rebekahgonzalez [at] gmail.com

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