The Zoeller Family

Mar 14, 2014
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What is your favorite memory as a family?

The birth of our Girls count definitely as one of the best memories in our Family. Another great memory is the first night we (the four of us) spent in our new house. We were very tired due to the renovations we had to undertake, it was impossible to get us out of bed on the next day.

What is your favorite thing to do as a family?

When we have time we like taking breakfast together. We also love taking walks in the outdoors. In autumn we like taking hikes, in summer we swim a lot, in Winter we go Skiing (we love this) and in Spring we like running bare foot in flowery meadows (the girls I mean), Alex just shakes his head in disbelief.

What is your favorite family tradition?

Alex’s mom always prepares lunch on Sundays and all of her Kids with their families always gather around the table and enjoy the meal together.

What is the best think about your family?

The fact that we are loved unconditionally by God. That my husband Alex has the Chance to do Missionary work with me supporting him, further more God gave us two beautiful healthy Kids, that is enough a reason to be grateful.

What do you think the secret to a happy family?

Being Greatful

What are three words that describe your family?

Love, Active and Faith

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  1. Tanja Kibogo
    March 18, 2014

    Thank you so much for this beautiful feature on your wonderful blog.
    Very lovely written and you picked the perfect images to describe the family :)
    Be blessed! Tanja


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