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The Cook Family – A Bret Cole Workshop

Jan 9, 2014
The Cook Family – A Bret Cole Workshop Bodega-Bay-Family-Diana-Marie-Photography-Beloved-Darling_029Bodega-Bay-Family-Diana-Marie-Photography-Beloved-Darling_041Bodega-Bay-Family-Diana-Marie-Photography-Beloved-Darling_033Bodega-Bay-Family-Diana-Marie-Photography-Beloved-Darling_042Bodega-Bay-Family-Diana-Marie-Photography-Beloved-Darling_007Bodega-Bay-Family-Diana-Marie-Photography-Beloved-Darling_037Bodega-Bay-Family-Diana-Marie-Photography-Beloved-Darling_012Bodega-Bay-Family-Diana-Marie-Photography-Beloved-Darling_043Bodega-Bay-Family-Diana-Marie-Photography-Beloved-Darling_014Bodega-Bay-Family-Diana-Marie-Photography-Beloved-Darling_045Bodega-Bay-Family-Diana-Marie-Photography-Beloved-Darling_005Bodega-Bay-Family-Diana-Marie-Photography-Beloved-Darling_043Bodega-Bay-Family-Diana-Marie-Photography-Beloved-Darling_016Bodega-Bay-Family-Diana-Marie-Photography-Beloved-Darling_044Bodega-Bay-Family-Diana-Marie-Photography-Beloved-Darling_024


This session was shot on the beach in Bodega Bay at a Bret Cole Workshop. The Cook family was so great to shoot. I loved just sitting back and letting the family enjoy their time together while I focused on catching the special moments between them.

Bret Cole who is a Northern California fine art, lifestyle wedding film photographer shooting both international and local weddings, children, families.

I just recently got into photography myself so I was looking for a workshop that would be not intimidating and informative. This workshop touched on so many different points about photography. We learned about shooting film and digital, branding and marketing, SEO and all the ins and outs of running a photography business.

The days were split into three different photography sessions. First day we photographed two families, the second day we focused on directing couples for engagement/anniversary session and the last day was all about weddings and man it was beautiful to shoot. See more of Bret’s photography from this workshop here.

It was such a great experience and learned so much I definitely recommend attending. This workshop is for photographers who are getting into photography or have been doing it for a little while and want to learn more about directing clients, branding and running a successful photography business. Best of all is the connections you make, we met so many awesome people. 

Bret’s next photography workshop will be held in Lake Tahoe April 4th-6th 2014. See here for more details. 

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