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Amanda & Tyler • 1 Year

Feb 20, 2014
Amanda & Tyler • 1 Year LackeyAnni_001bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling0034bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling003bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling009bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling007bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling0035bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling005bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling008bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling026bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling0036bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling012bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling025bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling0037bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling015bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling0038bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling022bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling0040bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling030bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling029bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling0039bull-creek-texas-anniversary-michelle-boyd-photography-beloved-darling027


How did you two meet? Tell us your story.

We can’t ever seem to pin down the exact moment we met. We grew up together and have known one another as long as we can remember. Our grandpas were actually friends and used to play golf together at our hometown country club, sometimes, Amanda’s grandfather would assist Tyler’s grandfather’s at work at his electrician company. Then, our dad’s (Amanda & Tyler’s dads) eventually became classmates and even played on the same little league football team. So all that being said, we aren’t really sure of that one moment when we were aware of each’s other existence! We were always friends elementary through middle school, and we ran around with the same group of friends in high school. During the fall of our senior year of high school, we attended a concert together (this was the first time we had ever been anywhere one on one after years of going out in group settings) which essentially became our very first date. From that Dashboard Confessional acoustic concert in 2007 on, we were finally aware of each other’s existence :) 

What do you love most about each other? 

Amanda: What I love most about Tyler is his supportive and encouraging personality. He doesn’t take life too seriously, and he has the kindest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. Oh and his music skills and dimples don’t fall far behind on my list! 

Tyler: What I love most about Amanda is that she is always smiling and enjoys the little things in life. I love that she isn’t afraid to be independent, and I love her love for the Lord. 

What have you learned in your year of marriage? 

What we’ve learned most about our one year of marriage is that is truly rocks to be married to your best friend. That and communication of course. We are best friends who communicate and there’s no better recipe for us! 

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