Max & Family

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    Sandra Henri

  • Meet / Max & Family

  • Location / Central Coast, Australia
  • Session / Family
Mar 19, 2014
Max & Family Sandra-Henri-Photography-1 Sandra-Henri-Photography-3 Sandra-Henri-Photography-10 Sandra-Henri-Photography-11 Sandra-Henri-Photography-15 Sandra-Henri-Photography-16 Sandra-Henri-Photography-18 Sandra-Henri-Photography-20 Sandra-Henri-Photography-22 Sandra-Henri-Photography-28 Sandra-Henri-Photography-29 Sandra-Henri-Photography-30

We asked:

What’s your best family memory?

The arrival of our precious boy was the most amazing time for our family… nothing can prepare you for the range of emotions that accompany just a special arrival.

What’s your favorite thing to do as a family?

We love getting outdoors together; A picnic at the park, a day at the beach, and especially a bushwalk (Max loves riding on Daddy’s back in the carrier).

What do you think makes a happy family?

Lots of love, plenty of laughter and ample time together to make special memories.

What three words best describe your family?

‘Shoes’ (Max’s favourite word – he knows when he has his shoes on he can go outside!) and ‘Ball’ & ‘Puppy’ (Max’s favourite things)… these words all mean ‘fun’ for our family.

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