Alexa & Eric Engaged

Jun 10, 2014
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How we met:

It wasn’t until about two months into our Discipleship Training School at YWAM in Hawaii that we really noticed each other. We had been in class together nearly every day, but it took a spontaneous dinner with a few of our friends (and Alexa’s mom!) for us to interact long enough to see the “spark”! We communicated on and off while on outreach in Fiji and Spain, and we spent some time together in Portland at the beginning of 2012 after DTS was over. A month later we started a long-distance relationship between Alaska and Oregon which shortly turned into Alaska and Hawaii as Alexa went back to YWAM for a season of 9 months in Kona and Iceland! She then took a leap of faith and moved north to Alaska in the middle of winter so we could spend some time living in the same city and doing “normal” life. Our story is very unique and full of countless plane tickets, care packages, and FaceTime calls, but we wouldn’t change a thing

Describe the proposal:

We were long distance Alaska to Hawaii this past December. It was Saturday morning and I was expecting Eric for a visit in a couple days. Eric had one of my dear roommates get me dresses for a photo shoot. A few hours later Eric surprised me with flowers and told me we had to catch sunset. I was so excited and shocked he was there early! We drove to the beach and as we were walking I noticed tikki torches and a blanket set up on the beach in the distance. On the blanket were pictures representing amazing memories of our two years together and our favorite snack from a meat & cheese shop in Alaska! While enjoying my surprises I noticed a glass bottle sparkling near the water line. We went over to it and inside was a note. It was the most beautiful love note ever of Him expressing his heart and love for me. He then dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him! After, we shared the most perfect first kiss and I admired my gorgeous ring! I told him we needed a newly engaged picture and he said “we have plenty of those!” Turns out he had a friend planted in a nearby tree photographing the entire proposal! We went to the same restaurant where we initially met and noticed our attraction for each other and randomly got seated at the exact same table! A few days later all of our parents surprised us and we shared an incredible time in Hawaii together!

Favorite memory of the proposal:

Alexa: Oh my goodness! The whole thing! Getting to marry the man of my dreams! It really was absolutely perfect for us in every way. I especially loved being in Kona. A place that is so near and dear to both of our hearts!

Eric: It was amazing to surprise Alexa and finally get to ask her to be my wife! I’m so humbled that she said yes.

What do you love most about each other:

She’s a catch! Alexa is the most joyful, warm, expressive person you’ll ever meet. She celebrates everything and loves making the littlest things in life memorable. One of the first things I noticed about Alexa is how she asks fun, random, yet intentional questions whenever she meets someone new. She’s always up for trying new things and we share a love for travel, adventure, and exotic food. Alexa’s creative, compassionate heart has taught me to cherish people and think about more than just getting things checked off my list in the most efficient manner. (I’m an engineer, after all!) She has a big heart and an equally-big appetite for adventure, life, and pursuing all that God has for us. It’s safe to say I found a keeper!

What. A. Stud. Eric is the best adventure buddy and friend. He is brimming full of life and always excited about new experiences, places and foods. He values friendships and family and is so honest and full of integrity in the way he lives his life. I admire this man deeply and love every minute I get to spend with him. Eric is extremely generous and kind and always looks for ways to serve others. He is thoughtful and romantic and loves to bring joy to others. He is so creative and has such a gift of teaching others. He is always making me laugh and loves me so well. I am the most blessed girl in the universe!


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