Amanda & Nick • 13 years

Apr 4, 2014
Amanda & Nick • 13 years

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We asked:

How did you meet?

We met in our church’s youth group during my (Amanda’s) senior year of High School. I played the piano and Nick lead the singing. I had a crush on him from the first time we met but it wasn’t until we started hanging out all the time for music that I was really in his “sights.” It wasn’t long after we were “official,” in March 2000, that we knew we were it for each other. He proposed on February 14, 2001 and we were married in August that year.

What do you love most about each other?

He says: “What I love most is that there is so much to love about Amanda, I couldn’t pick out one. It’s who she is that I love most.”

She says: “We have been through so much in our 14 years together and I still find (and remember) reasons to keep falling in love with him. It sounds so cliche but he really does make me a better, stronger person.”

What have you learned in your years together?

Good communication is essential and a chance to “miss” each other has kept things fresh. It doesn’t sound romantic but a good relationship comes down to a choices after “the honeymoon” stage. W e have been through long periods of physical separation due to deployments, military schools and Police Academy. The hardest thing we’ve ever faced though was loosing our newborn daughter three years ago. We have had marital odds and statistics stacked against us but we are both pretty strong willed. When it came down to a breaking point, and it would have been easy to quit, we realized the fight to reconnect was the only option we could live with. It has been a hard road but choosing to hear each other’s heart instead of defending our own wants led us to fall in love in new ways.

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