Ella & Husin • 3 Years

Jan 8, 2014
Ella & Husin • 3 Years

From Hello Inspira about the couple:

Ella and Husin met through an online design network. They told us two different stories of what happened at the initial stage of their relationship just like any couples do. Husin made the first move of contacting Ella since he had never seen a female product designer in the network (his take). Ella believed that he just fell for the look but she replied to his message anyway, hoping that she’d be able to get more design works from another continent (her take). Because the thing is, Husin was located in the states while Ella was in Indonesia. After going through not-so-smooth relationships themselves, both of them decided to give it a try although distance separated them apart. Interestingly enough, distance was the only aspect that kept them apart because their relationship grew and made them closer together. Five years ago, Ella got on the plane (17 hours flight!) and visited Husin. That was the first time they met and they knew they were for each other! Two years later, these two were married in Indonesia. They are both now living in the states and celebrating the fact that a long distance relationship is a part of their past. This year, they are celebrating their third anniversary! They both packed their wedding dress and tux, flew to Toronto and we drove them to Hamilton to this beautiful ruin. It was a cold spring day and considering they are both from the sunny California, we are glad that they toughen up and spent a good thirty minutes wandering around the ruins to make memory of their relationship, third year of marriage and this season of life where they can travel the world together.

We asked them: What do you love about each other?

Ella: What I love from him the most is that he is cool and gentle, and how reliable he is s a guy.

Husin: We are easy in communicating with each other and in understanding where the other is coming from. I think it’s important for couples to have common ground and interest in starting a relationship. There is no exit door in marriages and since I met Ella, I have always known that if I had to choose one person to spend the rest of my life with , it’d be her. 

What have you learned in your years of marriage?

We both learned how to be a partner, a friend, a team mate, and a lover. Learned how to work the relationship through neither one of us are perfect. We have also learned that love and faith can come from least expected way.

Thank you Ella and Husin for sharing your story and being an example that long distance relationship can be a start of greater things ahead.

Venue: Darnley Grist Mill, Hamilton ON
Makeup and hair:


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