AnnaMaria & Billy Engaged

Nov 21, 2013
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We asked them:

How did you meet? Tell us your story!

Billy and I met my freshman (his sophomore) year of college. We were both involved in CRU, a christian organization at Loyola University, and although I noticed his good looks and charm right away, I don’t think we talked more than once that whole year. As the next school year started, we were both assigned to plan the CRU Back to School Barbeque and Billy used this as a pretense to ask for my number. He started texting me and “coincidentally” running into me while he was with his friends. On Thanksgiving break he told me he liked me, but insisted we talk about it in person when we returned back to school. After many failed attempts to get me on my own, Billy and his friends cornered me in the library during finals week and were persistent on studying with me. Once midnight rolled around and he saw I wasn’t planning to leave anytime soon, he convinced me to join him and his friends for a midnight snack at a nearby diner. After much convincing and a wonderful meal, the other guys made excuses as to why we should go back to the library without them and on the walk back Billy poured out his heart and asked me on a date. Although I came up with excuses as to why we wouldn’t work and why this date was a bad idea, Billy was persistent: he wouldn’t let me leave without saying yes. Once he got down on his knees in front of the whole library and begged me to give him a chance, I knew I had to say yes if only to leave him with what was left of his dignity. The rest is history.

 Tell us about the proposal.

At the time of the proposal,we had been dating for almost 3 years. In January of my senior year, Billy accepted a year-long job in Afghanistan as a contractor in the education center. Six months passed without us seeing each other, but Billy was faithful in writing me daily letters and staying up to all hours of the night to see me on Skype. I graduated that May and after passing my boards my mom and I took a trip to Romania to see our relatives. Billy showed up in Romania and surprised me with a lovely date and a couples picture session during which he elaborately proposed and of course I said YES! My father flew in that next night to surprise me (having been asked for his blessing months before, he was aware of the plan) and all my relatives and loved ones showed up for a secret engagement party.  

What was your favorite part about the proposal?

AnaMaria: My favorite part of the proposal was that it was in my home country and included all of my family and loved ones.

What do you love most about each other?

AnaMaria: I love Billy’s selflessness. He will always put me first and go out of his way to surprise me with little notes, dates, and things around the house. He is a very romantic guy with a heart for others and for the world and I love that about him.

Billy: I love EVERYTHING about AnaMaria… absolutely everything


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