The Matthews Family

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    Belinda Louann

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Feb 17, 2014
The Matthews Family

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We asked the Matthews family:

What is your best family memory?

Our best family memory would be when we took our first family photo shoot with you! It was an emotional time in our lives and we got to love on each other thru the cameras eyes.

What is your favorite thing to do as a family?

Our favorite thing to do as a family would be shopping, eating , going to church, and watching movies on our couch!

What if your favorite family tradition?

Our favorite family tradition is Soulfood Sunday when we cook and potluck with friends and family. We get together at the end of the week (Sunday) and fellowship over delicious food and games.

What is the best thing about your family?

The best thing is we are all social bugs and love to have a good time. We are loyal and always there for each other thru the good days and the not so good days. We stroke each others ego where no one can tear us apart.

What do you think is the secret to a happy family?

A family that can pray together stays together .

What are three words that describe your family?

Faith , love , and confidence

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