Sara & Sam Engaged

Nov 13, 2013
Sara & Sam Engaged Eau-Claire-Wisconsin-Surprise-Proposal-Andi-Stempniak-Beloved-Darling_001Eau-Claire-Wisconsin-Surprise-Proposal-Andi-Stempniak-Beloved-Darling_009Eau-Claire-Wisconsin-Surprise-Proposal-Andi-Stempniak-Beloved-Darling_008Eau-Claire-Wisconsin-Surprise-Proposal-Andi-Stempniak-Beloved-Darling_005Eau-Claire-Wisconsin-Surprise-Proposal-Andi-Stempniak-Beloved-Darling_006Eau-Claire-Wisconsin-Surprise-Proposal-Andi-Stempniak-Beloved-Darling_023Eau-Claire-Wisconsin-Surprise-Proposal-Andi-Stempniak-Beloved-Darling_004Eau-Claire-Wisconsin-Surprise-Proposal-Andi-Stempniak-Beloved-Darling_010Eau-Claire-Wisconsin-Surprise-Proposal-Andi-Stempniak-Beloved-Darling_020Eau-Claire-Wisconsin-Surprise-Proposal-Andi-Stempniak-Beloved-Darling_013Eau-Claire-Wisconsin-Surprise-Proposal-Andi-Stempniak-Beloved-Darling_012Eau-Claire-Wisconsin-Surprise-Proposal-Andi-Stempniak-Beloved-Darling_014Eau-Claire-Wisconsin-Surprise-Proposal-Andi-Stempniak-Beloved-Darling_016Eau-Claire-Wisconsin-Surprise-Proposal-Andi-Stempniak-Beloved-Darling_018Eau-Claire-Wisconsin-Surprise-Proposal-Andi-Stempniak-Beloved-Darling_002Eau-Claire-Wisconsin-Surprise-Proposal-Andi-Stempniak-Beloved-Darling_019Eau-Claire-Wisconsin-Surprise-Proposal-Andi-Stempniak-Beloved-Darling_021


We loved this submission! Photographer Andi Stempniak had planned a styled shoot at Ferguson’s Orchard in Eau Claire to showcase the orchard as a new rustic wedding venue. As the planning began she knew she wanted a real couple to model for the shoot to showcase their love and the great new venue. But who would be willing and available on a Sunday evening in the middle of summer was a bit of a problem. So after asking a few people and none were available she decided to ask fellow photographer, Sam if he and his girlfriend, Sara, would be willing to help her out. The two had recently moved to the area and had been dating for 5 years, they are high school sweethearts so she knew they would be a great fit! 

During a conversation about the shoot it was thrown out that maybe Sam should ask Sara to marry him during the shoot. Andi felt like it was said in passing or just as a joke but after Sara agreed to the shoot the surprise planning was on! Sam was talking about proposing sometime in the near future and the shoot presented a unique memorial moment. They decided to break the day up into two separate looks and shooting locations at the orchard so not all the vendors would be watching as Sam popped the question. There were a few bumps along the way with keeping the secret but it all worked out. Sara had no idea and they had great photos throughout the shoot!

Hair Stylist:  Estilo Salon
Floral Designer:  Avalon Floral
Cake Designer:  Dessert First
Event Venue:  Ferguson’s Orchard
Signage:  Designs by Lucianne


  1. james
    November 13, 2013

    This engagement shoot is great!

  2. Angela Femali
    November 13, 2013

    I love this shoot and the way the photos play out the story perfectly without words or captions. You can truly see their love. And the styling is absolutely gorgeous!


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