Lasting Love
Judy & Tom • 42 Years

Mar 26, 2014
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We absolutely loved reading Judy and Tom’s story. What an inspiring couple. 

We asked them:

How did you meet? Tell us your story!

We were at a sorority formal with different dates when Tom was “smitten” by my gold lame’ dress. :) He got my name, number, pursued me, and the rest is history.  Forty-two years later , we feel that the secret to our longevity is always striving to work together with a common goal in mind. Perhaps this all started when we naively planned our 55 day honeymoon through 7 countries in Europe without truly realizing how daunting this was going to be.This little jaunt formed a strong bond through our adventures and misadventures along the way – experiences and people we will never forget! 

What do you love most about each other?

Judy: As for me, I respect Tom’s advocacy for his mother (since she cannot do that), and I know that I always have his support and ready willingness to please (no matter what crazy thought I may throw at him!) 

Tom: For me, Judy has been a constant rock that I can lean on through thick and thin.  Her ideas and clear thought process as we work through life’s problems has truly been a blessing.  She is weeks, months, or years ahead of my planning for the future.

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