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Nov 12, 2013
Marcie & Family amber-lane-photography-rich amber-lane-photography-13 amber-lane-photography-12 amber-lane-photography-11 amber-lane-photography-7 amber-lane-photography-8 amber-lane-photography-9 amber-lane-photography-10 amber-lane-photography-6 amber-lane-photography-2 amber-lane-photography-1 amber-lane-photography-5 amber-lane-photography-4 amber-lane-photography-3


We asked:

What’s your best family memory?

Best memory of my older daughter – last spring she was playing softball and had a practice and it was cold. I had on a pair of gloves and went over the fence and asked if she wanted them while she was waiting to bat. I handed them to her and as I was walking back up the bleachers to sit down, she called over to me, “I love you mom”. Brings a tear to my eye remembering it. Best memory of younger daughter – a month or so ago, we were riding their plasma cars and my 5 year old was a little ahead of me. She turned over her shoulder and yelled back to me “see you later old school”!! Makes me laugh thinking about it. They are so different but so alike. I am so blessed to have these amazing girls.

What’s your favorite thing to do as a family?

Favorite thing is spend time together ~ We could be playing Uno or the Wii with my girls or going on an adventure with my dad and the girls to a farmers market or festival, or snuggling up on the sofa with them.

What is your favorite family tradition?

When I was younger my parents each had two brothers so there were always lots of cousins that made family traditions like Christmas so much fun. Unfortunately my brother doesn’t live close by so I try to create new traditions with my girls. Last year we had our first annual gingerbread house decorating contest that was really fun! And usually in the fall we will get in the car and head out for a ride in the country to pick apples.

What’s the best thing about your family?

Best thing about my family is that they are mine. I am so blessed to have such amazing daughters and wonderful parents. No matter what, we are there for each other. I love that they each will grab my hand when we are walking through a parking lot.

What do you think makes a happy family?

Knowing that we are there for each other, to have fun on the good days and give hugs and comfort on the days that aren’t great. Togetherness.

What three words best describe your family?

Unconditional, Laughter, Love 

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