Elyssa & Chase Engaged

Jun 9, 2014
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How did you guys meet? Tell us your story!  

How they met: Elyssa was off at school in her final year studying music, and I had just moved here to Springfield, IL to take a position at a church that happened to be the one Elyssa’s dad pastors at.  She came home one weekend, and some mutual friends introduced us at the dinner theatre.  After the show we stayed out talking til who knows when.  It was awesome.  I’ve been her’s ever since!

About the Proposal:   

From Elyssa about the engagement: Chase knows that I love surprises.  He had been surprising me every date night in the month of June, so June 26th was no different.  He took me to a fancy restaurant in downtown Springfield.  During dinner he asked if we were at a place in our relationship where we could start talking about rings.  I, of course said, “Yes!  But I want you to pick it out!”  After dinner he took me down the street into business building by the old capitol.  He had a friend who worked there let us in after hours.  After a series of hallways, doors, and elevators, we came out on the roof just as the sun was setting.  His guitar was propped conveniently up against the ledge.  We sat down and he asked if he could play a song for me that he just finished writing for me.  He sang to me the most perfect song with the sweetest lyrics.  Ending the song, he sang, “will you take this ring and let me marry you?,” and pulled out the ring!  It is hard to pick a single memory from that night.  But if I had to choose, it was really special when, after the proposal, Chase walked me to the edge of the roof  and yelled, “She Said Yes!” off the side of the 10 story building, and I realized he had both our families down below to celebrate with us!

From Chase, about the engagement:  My favorite moment had to be once I asked her to marry me.  She totally freaked!  She had no idea it was coming.  She was on the ground and then standing up, then on the ground again.  The next second she was hugging me, then leaning away in disbelief.  Then she looked at me and said, “Will you play it again for me?!”

What do you guys love most about each other?

Elyssa, about their relationship: I love how steadfast Chase is.  He is so real.  What you see is what you get, and what you get is so beautiful and balanced.  When life is crazy, he is the calm; when life is hard, he is the sunshine, bringing a fresh perspective; when life is great, he knows how to have fun. :) I couldn’t have dreamt up a better man!

Chase, about their relationship:  The thing that amazes me the most about Lys is how incredibly selfless she is.  She loves to a fault.  She is always the first to step out of her way to make others feel cared for.  She stays up late at nights writing notes and letters to encourage others around her just because.  She would rather comfort someone in need than take care of herself.  I’ve never met anyone like her.  The most beautiful thing about it is she doesn’t even realize how special she is, or how powerfully she changes the world.  She’s great.

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