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The Mullins Family

Oct 9, 2013
The Mullins Family



From the photographer, Nina Mullins:

This session is a very personal one.  Three years ago, we started the process to adopt a child in Ethiopia.  It had already been a tough road up until that point.  In 2006, we found out that Wes (one half of Nina Mullins Photography) had testicular cancer.  It was a scary time, but we were blessed with quick surgery and healing.  The way we grew our family was about to change, though.  

About two years later, we decided to try the foster-to-adopt process through the State of Kentucky.  After a year of waiting for our paperwork to be completed, with no end in site, we finally decided to start the process to adopt internationally.  We decided we would adopt from Nepal.  But in the middle of that process, Nepal adoptions closed.  By default, we ended up in the Ethiopia program.  After months of waiting by the phone, tear-filled blog posts, and countless fund raisers, on September 9, 2010 we got thephone call…. The call that said they had matched us with 2 1/2 month old twins in Ethiopia.  A boy and a girl.  We were smitten, and we couldn’t be with them soon enough.  

In January of 2011, we flew to Ethiopia to meet our children.  Holding our children for the first time was surreal, and amazing, and life-changing. If you want to have a good cry, grab some tissues, and watch the first moments with our twins here.  

On February 12th, after a month of visiting our children daily at their amazing orphanage, we finally passed court, and were allowed to take custody of Alexander & Eliana.  In the eyes of the law and the courts, we were an official family.  We spent two more months in Ethiopia, waiting for more paperwork to be processed, but we finally came home in April of 2011.  

So this was our second year of celebrating our Forever Family Day.  The anniversary of the day we took custody of our son and daughter, and knew that nothing and no one could ever separate us again.


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  1. Katie
    November 1, 2013

    wow, what a great session and that video left me in tears!


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