Jennifer & Spencer Engaged

Jun 17, 2014
Jennifer & Spencer Engaged Trautmann_Menella_Genesa_Richards_Photography_IMG4468 Trautmann_Menella_Genesa_Richards_Photography_IMG4497 Trautmann_Menella_Genesa_Richards_Photography_IMG4570 Trautmann_Menella_Genesa_Richards_Photography_IMG4578 Trautmann_Menella_Genesa_Richards_Photography_IMG4606 Trautmann_Menella_Genesa_Richards_Photography_IMG4644 Trautmann_Menella_Genesa_Richards_Photography_IMG4657 Trautmann_Menella_Genesa_Richards_Photography_IMG4669 Trautmann_Menella_Genesa_Richards_Photography_IMG4701 Trautmann_Menella_Genesa_Richards_Photography_IMG45633


How did you two meet? Tell us your story.

The two of us met in high school in Seattle.  Although we did not go to the same school, we were introduced through mutual friends.  We couldn’t believe that we hadn’t met as we had multiple mutual friends and we had SO much in common.  All four of our parents went to the same high school and our grandparents belonged to the same country club.  We discussed various instances throughout our childhood where we were at the same exact place at the same exact time but were not aware of it!  It’s like it was meant to be, and the rest is history.

Describe the proposal.

After almost nine years together, I should have seen it coming…  but I had absolutely no clue what was happening until Spencer was down on one knee!  It was a casual Wednesday night when Spencer mentioned that he made reservations for dinner at a nice restaurant near our apartment in South Lake Union.  After a beautiful and romantic evening at Canlis, I walked into our almost unrecognizable apartment which was elaborately decorated with candles and flowers.  Rose pedals lead us from the kitchen into the living room where the pedals formed a huge heart.  It was there that I realized what was happening as Spencer dropped to one knee.

What was your favorite memory from your proposal?

Every time we tell the story of our proposal, we laugh out loud.  As we took the elevator up to our apartment and Spencer opened the door, I FROZE.  I just looked at him in shock after a glimpse into the apartment.  Seeing all of the flames from the candles, my first thought was that our apartment was on fire!!!  When he saw the worry in my eyes, he assured me everything was OK and lead me inside.

What do you love most about each other?

We work perfectly together.  It’s as simple as that.  We are a great team and we are so excited to spend the rest of our lives conquering the world together!

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