Bridget & Calvin • 5 Years

Nov 6, 2013
Bridget & Calvin • 5 Years Gaithersburg-Maryland-Anniversary-Photographer-Rachael-Boer-Beloved-DarlingGaithersburg-Maryland-Anniversary-Photographer-Rachael-Boer-Beloved-Darling3Gaithersburg-Maryland-Anniversary-Photographer-Rachael-Boer-Beloved-Darling11Gaithersburg-Maryland-Anniversary-Photographer-Rachael-Boer-Beloved-Darling5Gaithersburg-Maryland-Anniversary-Photographer-Rachael-Boer-Beloved-Darling6Gaithersburg-Maryland-Anniversary-Photographer-Rachael-Boer-Beloved-Darling8Gaithersburg-Maryland-Anniversary-Photographer-Rachael-Boer-Beloved-Darling1Gaithersburg-Maryland-Anniversary-Photographer-Rachael-Boer-Beloved-Darling4Gaithersburg-Maryland-Anniversary-Photographer-Rachael-Boer-Beloved-Darling2


How did you two meet? Tell us your story.

We had mutual friends who met on e-harmony. After catching a glimpse of Calvin’s profile online, I (Bridget) was interested in getting to know him. But I wondered if he really was single (you have to wonder, with a guy as handsome as Cal!), so I had one of my friends do some “research” for me, and quickly added for her “not to make me sound desperate.” Well she did make me sound desperate, but it worked, and I received a message from Cal informing me that he was in fact, NOT a stalker, and that he was going to be coming down to Maryland (where I lived) in a few weeks to visit a buddy of his. The rest is history… We met February 2007, Cal moved to Maryland August 2007, We got engaged September 2007, and married August 2008. 

What do you love most about each other? 

I (Bridget) love the fact that Calvin is hilarious, and how excited he gets when I actually laugh out loud at his jokes {I don’t courtesy laugh, I warned him about that in the beginning of our relationship}. He’s incredibly kind, and as soon as you look at him you can sense that he has a gentle spirit. He’s extremely intelligent, he’s consistent, he’s charming, and kids flock to him like moths to light. Mostly, I love his heart for God, and the fact that he prioritizes his time with me and our sweet pup Z. 

I (Cal) love the fact that Bridget is artistic. She brightens up my life. There was something that Bridget said early in our relationship that is indeed true. She said that I (Cal) am like a coloring book and she (Bridget) is the crayons. I can give support and structure to our life and she brings the color, vibrancy, and vision. Bridget has a spirit that is blinding and everyone notices her everywhere she goes, and it isn’t just because of her outward appearance. I love her and can’t imagine my life without her. 

What have you learned in your years of marriage?

When engaged couples ask us questions regarding advice for the wedding, we always suggest that they write their own vows. We did, and I’m so glad that we did because there have been many times over the years where those vows come back to my memory. They are specific to our relationship, and a great reference point when happy or sad times occur. We framed ours so we can remember them. Those words that you say are important… keep reminding yourself of them.

Cal’s Vows:

“These vows I feel very deeply about because they are to you… I vow to honor you in all that I do and say. I vow to keep your goals and desires ahead of my own. I vow to love you unconditionally. I vow to respect you in all ways. I vow to be the spiritual head of our household and grow together in faith, hope and love. I vow to pray earnestly for the Lord’s guidance for us and to keep my eyes and ears open for His will, no matter what it is. I know that I am not perfect and will continue to work on anything that will make our relationship better. My love for you is not containable by any means. You mean more to me than anyone else on this earth. This day is only one day that I say these vows. In this life I will stumble and fall, but know this… I will try to live these vows out everyday.”

Bridget’s Vows:

“Today we make a decision that will forever change our lives… In ways that we have already experienced, and in ways that we have no way of being able to predict. One thing I know for sure is that there no no one that I would rather walk alongside of on this lifelong journey of highs and lows, tears and laughter, fears and risks, than you. Love, how I see it is the security that respect, priority, integrity, freedom, bravery, and dedication line the path of our everyday lives. Each of these things I vow to give to you. I vow to respect you in front of people and behind closed doors… I vow to prioritize my commitment to you above all other commitments… I vow to have integrity in all of my dealings, knowing that now I represent more than just myself, I represent you as well… I vow to give you the freedom to dream big dreams and to chase them wholeheartedly .. I vow to be brave with you when we experience turbulent times and things don’t make sense… My wish is that our lives and love be an accurate reflection of what God truly intended marriage to be, and to set a standard for our children in the person that they choose to spend their lives with. May the seeds that we begin to sow in our marriage today affect generations long after we are gone.”

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