Vow Renewals
Nancy & Todd • 15 Years

Jan 30, 2014
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We asked:

What have you learned over your years of marriage?

After 15 + years of marriage we have learned that the more effort you put into your relationship, the more fulfilling it becomes.  Being in love is amazing and fun and easy, staying married and in love takes work.  Most of our relationship has been so incredibly delightful and full of awesomeness but there have also been some really messy, ugly days.  It takes an understanding that sticking it out, offering grace (even when you don’t feel like it) and honoring the life long covenant we made with each other brings abundant blessings.

What do you love most about each other?

He says: I love most about Nancy is her perfect balance of beauty, intelligence, sense of humor and desire for spontaneous fun.  She is the most perfect match for me!  

She says: I love most about Todd is his work ethic.  Whether it’s getting up before the birds every day to commute to work, taking our the garbage, taking over the household so I can run out and take a break, or leading this big family spiritually, he puts his all into it and sacrifices so much of his time to care for and support us.

What advice do you have for others who are planning their vow renewal?

Our advice to anyone planning a vow renewal, hmmm…have fun!  This isn’t a time for stressing over details.  We really wanted to use this opportunity to do things that we had never done before.  Not everyone is going to have the time, resources or desire to do what we did (10 glorious days on the California coast, take me back!!!) but make it all about you as a couple.  We also treasure our photographs! 

What’s your most memorable moment about your vow renewal?

Todd’s favorite moment was when we realized we picked the same scripture, Ruth 1:16.  Mine was, well, there are a couple.  First was actually writing out what I was going to say.  It was so incredible to finally say all of those things to Todd that I carry around in my heart and a great reminder that I shouldn’t wait for a big moment to say them but say them  regularly.  The other was the butterflies I felt before Todd got to see me and then just the peace that I felt being on his arm…like I was that 20 year old bride again!


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