Melanie & Justin • 1 Year

Feb 11, 2014
Melanie & Justin • 1 Year HERSHEY-PENSYLVANIA-anniversary-photography-with-love-and-embers_004HERSHEY-PENSYLVANIA-anniversary-photography-with-love-and-embers_001HERSHEY-PENSYLVANIA-anniversary-photography-with-love-and-embers_012HERSHEY-PENSYLVANIA-anniversary-photography-with-love-and-embers_010HERSHEY-PENSYLVANIA-anniversary-photography-with-love-and-embers_017HERSHEY-PENSYLVANIA-anniversary-photography-with-love-and-embers_002HERSHEY-PENSYLVANIA-anniversary-photography-with-love-and-embers_013HERSHEY-PENSYLVANIA-anniversary-photography-with-love-and-embers_009HERSHEY-PENSYLVANIA-anniversary-photography-with-love-and-embers_006HERSHEY-PENSYLVANIA-anniversary-photography-with-love-and-embers_0021HERSHEY-PENSYLVANIA-anniversary-photography-with-love-and-embers_019melanie_justin_1_year_session-36melanie_justin_1_year_session-18HERSHEY-PENSYLVANIA-anniversary-photography-with-love-and-embers_003HERSHEY-PENSYLVANIA-anniversary-photography-with-love-and-embers_011HERSHEY-PENSYLVANIA-anniversary-photography-with-love-and-embers_008


We asked this couple:

How did you meet? Tell us your story.

Justin and i met at a mutual friend’s apartment in college. I had come over to teach one roommate to make vegan cupcakes and he was watching tv with another. He noticed me when I came in the door, arms full of baking supplies. He remembers that he thought I had a cute laugh, I remember that he had a nice voice, but we didn’t really interact. We ran into each other a few more times before setting up our first date. We begin dating right before I left to study abroad in england, so we spent the first 7 months of our relationship long distance, talking over skype, emailing, and letter writing. We’ve been together for almost 5 years, and married 1 year. 

 What do you love most about each other?

We love each other very much. we fit each other very well and can support each other through anything. Justin’s more of a dreamer, while i tend to be more of a planner. He encouraged me to start my own business a few years ago by believing in a dream that i never thought would pan out. I can happily say that we’ve been business partners for 3 years and finished our best year to date. He makes me laugh, I make him dinner, we just make each other happy.

What have you learned over your year of marriage?

In our one year of marriage, we have learned that time really does go fast. We have so much enjoyed being married and treasure every bit of time we have together.

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