The Wiebe Family

Feb 21, 2014
The Wiebe Family RSP_WiebeFamily41RSP_WiebeFamily36RSP_WiebeFamily22RSP_WiebeFamily23RSP_WiebeFamily40RSP_WiebeFamily37RSP_WiebeFamily42byNoahRSP_WiebeFamily26RSP_WiebeFamily41byLeviRSP_WiebeFamily31RSP_WiebeFamily3RSP_WiebeFamily2RSP_WiebeFamily33RSP_WiebeFamily32RSP_WiebeFamily11RSP_WiebeFamily12RSP_WiebeFamily18


What is your favorite thing to do as a family?

Campfires at papa & nana’s house

What is your favorite family traditions?

We make waffles on Sunday morning! Homemade pizza and a movie every Sunday night

What is the secret to a happy family?

We spend as much time together as possible each day. When you give things away to others.

What are three words that describe your family?

Joyful/Peace-filled/Loving My description


From the photographer:

“I love in home sessions. There is something so real about capturing a family in the comfort of their own home. The Wiebe Family had me over for waffles, topped with the most amazing whipping cream you could ever taste. The entire session I just got to hang out with them. The boy played, took some pictures and laughed a lot. It was such an honour to photograph such an incredible family!””

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