The Humby Family

Apr 7, 2014
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What do you think makes a happy family?

As my daughter now says at 2 years old, ‘Can we go altogether?’ Or, ‘can we have a family hug altogether?’. When we are all willing and wanting to be together, doing whatever- whether it’s a walk or setting the table or going grocery shopping-I think we are at our happiest and best. Those are beautiful, precious times.

What’s your favorite thing to do as a family?

Probably ‘tea time’. My husband is English and tea has it’s priority in the daily routine. He is off work by 3pm and my daughter wakes from her nap soon after, so we all sort of anticipate sitting down together for a ‘cuppa’ and a ‘biscuit’. Even little Lucy likes her tea (mostly milk, really!). This is when we share about the day and Lucy usually has some random stories to contribute too. We also enjoy a walk together-by the lake, in the woods, or just around our neighbourhood. It all sounds pretty low-key but it’s comfortable everyday stuff that becomes so treasured.

What is your best family memory?

Very likely our favourite family memory is when Lucy joined the family! The whole time surrounding her birth was an incredibly special time. It felt like Ian and I were in a little beautiful (though exhausting and painful as well!) world of our own. Everything else seemed to have disappeared from our reality and all that really mattered was enjoying our little girl and being ‘three’ instead of ‘two’. If I were to choose something that Lucy can remember, it would be our holidays this past summer. We went house -boating with some extended family and had a very relaxing and fun time. Lucy pulls us aside sometimes, even now, and says ‘let’s have a talk.’ ‘About what?’ we ask ‘About our holiday!’ She replies. Then we proceed to remember this and talk about it and then ‘play house-boat’ with the couch being the boat.


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