The Calaca Family

Nov 29, 2013
The Calaca Family Nestling-Photography_0775Nestling-Photography_0733 Nestling-Photography_0747 Nestling-Photography_0751 Nestling-Photography_0753 Nestling-Photography_0767 Nestling-Photography_0799 Nestling-Photography_0801 Nestling-Photography_0802 Nestling-Photography_0816 Nestling-Photography_0819 Nestling-Photography_0822 Nestling-Photography_0852


What’s your favorite thing to do as a family?

We love spending quality time together whenever we can, my husband works hard hours so we treasure every minute we get together as a family! We love having picnics, going for lunch and movies. My daughter and I love glamour and bling, while the Boys love anything that moves really fast- boys will be boys! My husband has a farm and Michael also loves going to see the tractors and to play in the mud, always helping his grandfather plant veggies. We also adore the game-drives in the wild/bush and seeing the big five!

What do you think makes a happy family?

What makes us really happy is introducing beautiful things to our kids for the first time, and seeing their faces light up! It’s so special and priceless.

What three words best describe your family?

Tenderness, blessing, uplifting

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