Vow Renewals
Krystel & Joel Renew • 5 years

Mar 5, 2014
Krystel & Joel Renew • 5 years

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What have you learned over your years of marriage?  

Joel: Be humble! Always be willing to lift the needs of your spouse above your.  When both treat each other this way, no one ever feels insignificant, left out, or that their feelings do not matter.  

Krystel: Laugh, a lot! Instead of getting mad about the little things, laugh about them. Take life on TOGETHER. You are married now and you don’t have to do it alone. In life you are going to celebrate the greatest joys together and morn the deepest sorrows, go through it all TOGETHER.

What do you love most about each other?  

Joel: Her beauty, patience, and willingness to forgive. 
Krystel: His heart, honesty, strength, and courage.

What advice do you have for others who are planning their vow renewal?

Joel:  For the guys…PARTICIPATE!  Nothing shows how her how much you love her like a willingness to be interested in her desires.  
Krystel: This is about celebrating your love for each other and all of the people who have supported you on your journey. Make it FUN for you and your guests.

What was your most memorable moment about your vow renewal?  

Joel: The moment she walked out of our suite to the tree where we renewed our vows. It was like gazing on her beauty for the first time.

Krystel: Hearing Joel say his vows… it was my first time hearing them when we were standing there in front of closest family and friends (I asked him to read them to me earlier but he wouldn’t he said to just wait) and in that moment they were some of the most beautiful words I have ever heard. I am so grateful to have such an amazing and caring husband.

Watch their sweet Vow Renewal video here!

Photography: Bryan N. Miller Photography
Styling and Coordination: Couture Events
Venue: The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe
Florist: Blush Botanicals
Acoustic Guitar: Still Listening Productions by Michael Tiernan
Tables: Farm Tables & More
Paper Elements: Posh Paperie
Cake: Hey there, Cupcake!
Spoons: Lizzy B’s Vintage Found Jewelry
Dress: BHLDN
Accessories: Couture Collection
Video: Amari Productions

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  1. Krystel
    March 5, 2014

    Thank you for sharing our vow renewal! It was such a special day! You have a truly incredible blog about continued love! When most blogs only share the wedding day I really appreciate that you share the years to come and the continued story of a couple love and lives together! XOXO


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