The Lawson Family

Nov 18, 2013
The Lawson Family Eastern-washington-family-photography-alexandra-knight-beloved-darling1Eastern-washington-family-photography-alexandra-knight-beloved-darling2Eastern-washington-family-photography-alexandra-knight-beloved-darling3Eastern-washington-family-photography-alexandra-knight-beloved-darling5Eastern-washington-family-photography-alexandra-knight-beloved-darling4Eastern-washington-family-photography-alexandra-knight-beloved-darling11Eastern-washington-family-photography-alexandra-knight-beloved-darling7Eastern-washington-family-photography-alexandra-knight-beloved-darling13Eastern-washington-family-photography-alexandra-knight-beloved-darling9Eastern-washington-family-photography-alexandra-knight-beloved-darling12Eastern-washington-family-photography-alexandra-knight-beloved-darling8Eastern-washington-family-photography-alexandra-knight-beloved-darling15Eastern-washington-family-photography-alexandra-knight-beloved-darling11Eastern-washington-family-photography-alexandra-knight-beloved-darling16Eastern-washington-family-photography-alexandra-knight-beloved-darling25


When we saw this session by Alexandra Knight Photography and read her story, we couldnt help but get emotional. There is so much love in this family, you can see them hold tight to each other, not wanting to let go. It’s beautiful. So glad we got the opportunity to share this with you all.

From the photographer:

This session was done on the fly and with very little notice, as Bob had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer about two weeks prior to this session.  Visibly, you could not tell he was sick.  He began to loose his voice and cough heavily after a little bit of outdoor shooting, so we wrapped up to go inside and warm up. 

The house featured in the shoot is a house that Bob helped to build by hand and designed himself.  Sadly, the asbestos inside of the home used during construction is likely the culprit of his cancer diagnosis.  I met Bob and his wife for the first time on the day of the shoot.  His daughter Judie has been a life long family friend.  I was touched by Bob’s kindness, storytelling, and warmth.  He was a man that I would have loved to revisit many, many times.  

Despite the doctor’s best hopes, Bob passed away on Christmas Eve last year – less than two months after our session together.  I returned them in time for Bob to see the memories we’d created together.  These photos were used prominently at his memorial service a few months later.  Bob’s wife, Sue, was his second wife.  She joined the family after Bob’s first wife passed away – also from cancer.  Sue became an amazing step-mother and recalled stories of when they met, their friendship that existed first, and then the day they decided they should be together. 

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