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Sharon & Steve • 10 Years

Mar 20, 2014
Sharon & Steve • 10 Years livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood001livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood005livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood002livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood007livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood012livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood006livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood009livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood017livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood014livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood016livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood021livermore-california-anniversary-photography-by-kristen-wood022


How did you two meet? Tell us your story!

We met through a single’s ski club.  When I called the club to get lodging for a ski race that was coming up, my future husband was the guy arranging rooms and rides to the mountains.  As we drove to the resort, we started talking and could not seem to stop.  We have continued to learn about each other and grow together over the last 12 year.  Our 10th anniversary is coming up soon.

What do you think the secret to a long lasting marriage?

I think a long relationship is most successful when both are not afraid to express their love in words and deeds.  When unhappy, keep communication lines open, especially if you have different styles of dealing with feelings.  Work together to ask for what your need and share your love.

What is your favorite memory together?

Our favorite memories together revolve around our time in Kauai.  We spent our honeymoon there and have gone back frequently to the same spot.  This is where we can focus on each other, play, hike, eat, sail and explore the island…putting the distractions of the work world aside. 

What do you love most about each other?

We both find that we greatly value the caring, loving nature of the other as well as our playfulness together.  We know that in tough times, we will be there for each other with a smile and a laugh to help ease the tension. 


  1. kel ward
    March 21, 2014

    These photos are beautiful!!

  2. Lindsay Madden
    March 24, 2014

    What a beautiful session & I loved reading about their love story!


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