The Finlinson Family

Jan 27, 2014
The Finlinson Family


We asked them:

 What is your favorite family memory?

The kids and I are still finding our footing as our own little family of three. It has been a difficult road for each one of us, with much adjustment and heart ache. Recently, it hit me that regardless if I have a partner to help me with my kids or not, their childhood is happening; all too quickly, not to be relived. It was time to start tackling family activities as just that-our new family. My most recent favorite memory was Disneyland. It was a big step for all of us, for various reasons. For my children, it was the most exciting, joyful, happy place on earth. For me it was magical that I was able to give my complete focus and attention to them, without hurt bringing me down. We ran all over the park for 14 hours. At times, I had them both in my arms, trying to sleep on my shoulders, while we were waiting in line for rides. It was happiness. It was MY happiness. It was then I knew I could raise these kids on my own and be happy.

What is your favorite thing to do as a family?

We love being outside as a family. Whether it be hiking, riding bikes, swimming, or scootering…it’s truly when we are our happiest.

What makes your family happy?

Treats. Sad, but true. We love to go for ice cream, to the local candy shoppe, or bake up a yummy cookie recipe. Most, if not all bribes, revolve around sugar intake. 

What are three words that best describe your family?

Chaotic, Loving, Spicy.

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