Jenny & Jeff Engaged

Apr 21, 2014
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How did you two meet? Tell us your story.

Jeff and I met at lucky strike lanes in orange. I was a hostess and he was a bartender. We worked together for over a year just as friends and getting to know each other. I became a waitress there and we started to have more interaction as I wasn’t stuck behind the hostess stand all day.

We had a couple mutual friends at work and we began going out together and hanging out with each other at the same parties. One Halloween, which actually was his birthday too..  We ended up at the same costume party and he asked me out. We went on several dates and the connection just grew naturally out of our friendship! We are the best of friends and I am so happy that I am now married to my favorite person in the world! Our engagement photos are taken where we met, where Jeff is now the assistant general manager.

Describe the proposal.

We had been dating a little over 4 years and definitely talked a lot about getting married. We lived together in long beach with our sweet little puppy rusko and we had even been ring shopping!

One day I was at the hair salon and I called him on my way home and he casually mentioned he wanted to go to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant. I didn’t act weird about it but I definitely suspected something was going on. I got home and got ready and we went to dinner and went through the whole meal and.. Nothing! He told me he had a bad stomach ache so we went home and I thought nothing of it. My best friend stopped by to leave her car in our garage and asked me to drive her home. She asked me to stop at rite aid for a few things and I told her I felt dumb because I thought he was going to propose!! I dropped her off and went home. As I walked up my stairs I stopped suddenly in front of the screen door and I just knew. I followed a trail of tea lights leading through our house into the backyard where he was standing in a heart of candles on a blanket holding our dog.. Who was wearing a bow tie! He kneeled down and asked me to Marry him right there. It was perfect.

What was your favorite memory from your proposal?

My favorite memory from the proposal was truly thinking it wasn’t going to happen that night and then it did! It was so exciting and so special telling our families.

What do you love most about each other?

We love each other’s sense of humor and our ability to make each other laugh. We have a truly special connection and are both extremely committed to finding joy in life and experiencing everything together.

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