Katy & Trey Engaged

Jun 19, 2014
Katy & Trey Engaged KT-93Kelly-Brown-Photography1KT-91Kelly-Brown-Photography2KT-108Kelly-Brown-Photography3KT-101


 How did you guys meet? Tell us your story!

Trey and I met a couple of times in High School while out with friends.  We went to different schools but I was friends with girls from his school too.  We never really talked much, just once at a party during college.  There was something different about talking with him though.  He started working where I worked while we were both 19, George’s Bar in Waco, TX.  I was always really excited if we got scheduled together and flirting/being around him, as well as him touching me while he walked by, would always give me butterflies.  After a while, he asked me out.  Our first date was to the Dallas Aquarium.  We have a different story though.  We broke up for 3 years but what is meant to be will be. I knew we were always meant to be but didn’t know if it was going to happen in the end.  Our time apart was truly meant for us to grow as individuals so that we could come back together as a stronger team.  When that day came, it was as if we never missed a beat.  We learned from our breakup, our time apart and from our true love for one another.  I couldn’t have picked a better person to be loved by and to love unconditionally.

Tell us about your proposal:

Trey told me he had a work function at the Dallas Aquarium a couple of weeks before he proposed.  The night of the function, I was getting ready and he called and said they cancelled it because the team hadn’t filed yet so they were pushing it back a week and moving it somewhere else since the Aquarium had another event the next week.  He said that we were still going to get ready and go to dinner with the team but wouldn’t be going to the Aquarium anymore.  He told me that he has to go by the Aquarium and sign some papers for canceling the event.  I semi-thought that this all sounded fishy since that’s where we had our first date and had an assumption that he may be proposing but put it out of my mind because I didn’t want to be the crazy girl thinking he’s going to propose and he doesn’t, lol.  He picks me up ‘after work’ (he really was at his friend’s preparing himself) amped!  He had a lot of nervous but positive energy which also led me to believe that he was going to propose.  We got to the aquarium and I expected to see our parents’ cars or cars that I recognize since I really thought this was it.  I didn’t see any.  Then I knew he wasn’t going to propose and this is just what he said it was.  We got to the Aquarium and was let in by Kyle through the back door.  We followed him to the main room with the waterfall where I went to look at the scenery and Kyle told us he was going to go get the papers.  I could feel Trey’s energy get even more nervous and in that moment, I knew, without even looking at him.  He wrapped his arms around me and told me how much he loved me, that he made the best decision of his life by calling me and that he wants to continue to make great decisions.  He then pulled the most perfect ring out of his pocket, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  I looked like a beauty queen that just won the pageant by the way I reacted, cried and told him yes!

What is your favorite memory from the proposal?

After the proposal, we went to eat and when I walked in, my family and his family were all there waiting to surprise me.  It was the best part since it was a total surprise and that we got to share it with them.  BUT the BEST part was obviously when he asked me to be his wife.

What do you love most about each other?

Katy: Ilove that he is the yin to my yang.  He loves me and makes me feel his love daily.  I love that he wants to learn, grow and take this journey of life with me by his side.  I love that he makes me laugh and that he is totally himself with me.  I love that he is adorable and handsome.  I love that he loves me for ME in all my crazy, funky, weird, silly ways and doesn’t try to change me; He loves me through the bad and the good.  I love all of him.

Trey: I love her playfulness and sense of humor.  I love her smile and that when she smiles, you can see all her teeth.  I love that she is nurturing.  I love her willingness to put up with me.  I love her generous heart and compassion.  I love that she is strong-willed.  I love her friendliness and genuine care for others, and I love her funkiness.

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