Melissa & Nick Engaged

Oct 23, 2013
Melissa & Nick Engaged beloved-darling-wisconsin-engagement-aliza-rea-photography10beloved-darling-wisconsin-engagement-aliza-rea-photography6beloved-darling-wisconsin-engagement-aliza-rea-photography11beloved-darling-wisconsin-engagement-aliza-rea-photography7beloved-darling-wisconsin-engagement-aliza-rea-photography4beloved-darling-wisconsin-engagement-aliza-rea-photography9beloved-darling-wisconsin-engagement-aliza-rea-photography8beloved-darling-wisconsin-engagement-aliza-rea-photography5beloved-darling-wisconsin-engagement-aliza-rea-photography2beloved-darling-wisconsin-engagement-aliza-rea-photography3beloved-darling-wisconsin-engagement-aliza-rea-photography1


In the spirit of fall and all the changing colors, we wanted to share this fall engagement session from Aliza Rae Photography

A little about their engagement:

Nick had planned a surprise birthday weekend for me and the first stop was brunch. He said he must have the reservation time wrong because the restaurant had not opened yet. To pass the time we took a walk down to Lakeshore State Park, we stopped at a picinic table near Lake Michigan and he said he had a birthday present for me. He pulled out a box much too big to be a ring box, when I opened it I found an Ipad, which I was very excited about but thought in the back of my head that we are definitely not getting engaged now! When I turned it on there was a picture of my ring in the box, which I thought was a mistake so I immediately turned it off, but by that time he was already down on one knee, asking me to marry him. I was caught so off guard but immediately said yes, later he said he had thought of proposing at dinner but he wanted the whole weekend to be remembered as our engagement weekend. He put so much thought and effort into the plan and I couldn’t be happier or more excited to be engaged to my best friend!

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