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Nat & Micah • 10 years

Oct 10, 2013
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We were recently on Instagram and we happened to stumble across this awesome vow renewal. Once we went digging a bit more we ended up the blog Take the Cannoli. The blogger Nat posted some preview images of her vow renewal on her site and we knew we wanted to share this awesome 10 year vow renewal on Beloved Darling. Kudos to Oopsy Daisy Photography for capturing this day so perfectly.

Here’s what Nat said about the special day.

The events of this day are kind of a blur. Sort of like a real wedding except with the raw emotion of ten good years at the surface waiting to spill out. I was so excited yet so nervous. I had no idea why, it’s not like renewing our vows was going to change anything but instead remind us of all the changes these past ten years have brought. 

With someone who knows you more than anyone else. Who has loved you through the good times and the harder. Who has stood by your side, growing in the Lord with you, dreaming big with you, conquering struggles together with you…by the Grace of God it was all possible. So this day, our vow renewal day, was so so special for us.

The nervousness I talked about, the butterflies fluttering around in my stomach didn’t seem to fly away until Elsie heard our cue to walk and gracefully took the first flower out to drop gently on the floor. Seeing her walk before me, witnessing the love of her parents, knowing she is part of our short story of ten years somehow lifted the butterflies and in its place swarmed in the tears of joy. This was a joyous event indeed. 

With friends and family (some who flew out for the event) and others who set up and tore down all the decor,were there to celebrate with us as we said our “I dos” once again, as a reminder of the sacred vows we said only ten years before.We were so blessed by everyone who made our day so memorable. 


We asked them: What have you learned over your years of marriage?

To make God the center of our marriage and then continually put each others needs before our own. Also, communication, honesty and being each others best friend has added so much more to the fulfillment of it all.

What do you love most about each other?

Nat about Micah: Besides how much he makes me laugh more than any other person I know, he is so so patient with me and is the most tender loving baby daddy I know.

Micah about Nat: She makes life so much more fun and turns even the smallest things into a celebration or a party!

Any advice for anyone planning their own vow renewal?

Keep it simple. Take the time to truly focus on what renewing your vows mean to you and incorporate who you are as a couple in your current season of life.

What’s your favorite memory from your vow renewal?

Both of our favorite memory of that special day was having our sweet delicate four year old daughter Elsie, lead her mama down the aisle as the flower girl and our tender two year old Vernon needing to be held during the ceremony. (see what I mean about embracing your season of life)

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