Callie and Phil Engaged

Dec 13, 2013
Callie and Phil Engaged New Smyrna Beach Florida Engagement by Laura Yang Photography_005New Smyrna Beach Florida Engagement by Laura Yang Photography_003New Smyrna Beach Florida Engagement by Laura Yang Photography_002New Smyrna Beach Florida Engagement by Laura Yang Photography_015New Smyrna Beach Florida Engagement by Laura Yang Photography_006New Smyrna Beach Florida Engagement by Laura Yang Photography_004New Smyrna Beach Florida Engagement by Laura Yang Photography_014New Smyrna Beach Florida Engagement by Laura Yang Photography_011New Smyrna Beach Florida Engagement by Laura Yang Photography_013New Smyrna Beach Florida Engagement by Laura Yang Photography_012New-Smyrna-Beach-Florida-Engagement-by-Laura-Yang-Photography_018New-Smyrna-Beach-Florida-Engagement-by-Laura-Yang-Photography_017New Smyrna Beach Florida Engagement by Laura Yang Photography_007New Smyrna Beach Florida Engagement by Laura Yang Photography_008


How did you two meet? Tell us your story:

Phil and I met online actually… I (Callie) had been on a few blind dates and was ready to right off the whole “online dating” scene. I was going to let my membership run out unless a guy winked at me (similar to “like” on Facebook). Phil apparently had not been having much luck either and didn’t even bother to pay the membership fee until my profile showed up. He decided he would wink and only if I winked back, then he would join… clearly I winked back, and we chatted for some time before deciding to meet. Phil being the gentleman he is, and knowing I have a food allergy found the best gluten free restaurant around and made reservations. Upon arrival we quickly learned that the hostess had forgotten there was a private event and actually had no availability. Phil quickly came up with a back up plan- we were going ITALIAN!! (When you’re gluten free that typically suggests salad is what’s for dinner!) Needless to say we had an incredible first date, and a last first date at that!

Describe the proposal:

OH MY GOODNESS- the day Phil proposed!!! Background: Phil had been in training and working allthe time. He was finally given his schedule and it was nights- 6pm to 6am (I work 8am- 5pm). We had a couple weeks left of both of us on days and we then knew there was going to be a strain on seeing each other. My planning little self decided a couple days before Phil would go to nights we should go to the beach and spend the day together. I took the day off work and Phil started his scheming… I love the water and have always said I wanted to be proposed to by the water. Not thinking a proposal was coming we packed up and headed to New Smyrna. Phil had been acting very odd in the days leading up, taking odd phone calls and becoming unavailable to do things when we would have usually been spending time together. Phil was as goofy as could be that day- he kept pacing, getting up, and not really saying much. I repeatedly asked him if he was feeling ok, was sick, or bored or if we should just leave. True to his word- he was not sick or bored, rather nervous! As we were starting to think about heading home Phil began rummaging through his backpack. He looked around for a minute and dropped to one knee. He told me how much he loved me and asked me to marry him. On that overcast day he had been waiting for the sun to finally come out and when it finally peeked through the clouds he popped the ring box open so it would sparkle, and it did! (He thinks of everything! Although I found out after- had it rained that day he would not have proposed; thank goodness the sun came out, for literally ten minutes before the sky opened up!)

What was your favorite memory from your proposal?

Callie: My absolute favorite memory was the moment Phil dropped to one knee. I remember the excitement of what I was hoping it meant, the butterflies and my heart racing! Phil had also planned for a dinner with all of our parents at the venue we actually had our reception at. I loved that moment of celebrating with our parents as well.

Phil: My favorite memory is the moment I had to tell her to stand up out of her beach chair… I was finally ready to ask, and she wouldn’t get up for anything! 

What do you love most about each other?

Callie: I love Phil’s personality. Personality is pretty general, I know, but every time I am around him I smile. I know he cares and genuinely wants the best for me and us; whether it’s a glass of water or something significant like our future, he is sure its perfect. Phil is also one of the most positive individuals I know. He is constantly finding a way to make every situation the best it can be. Every night when Phil leaves for work his tradition is- flash his lights, honk and wave. The neighbors have made a point to come over and tell us that they smile whenever they hear him because they know that he didn’t just hurry off and leave but rather he took those few seconds to linger just a little bit longer. That is how Phil is- he makes the most of every opportunity he is given and forces a smile on the faces of those around him! 

Phil: I love Callie for so many reasons. She brings out the best in me, is my best friend, and the only one I miss as soon as we are not together. I love always knowing what’s on her mind – she has never been shy to tell me. I knew by the end of our third date that she would be my wife. Every hope and expectation that I had for my wife, I found in Callie! I couldn’t be happier!! She’s why I smile every day and what I dream about every night! She’s my beautiful wife! 

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