The Lew Family

Apr 2, 2014
The Lew Family

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We asked:

What’s your favorite thing to do as a family?

I think the three of us are very good at doing the typical “girly” things together. We love shopping, eating a nice meal, drinking wine, socializing, and, of course, bantering with each other while doing it all. We make good girl-friends!

What is your favorite family tradition?

A lot of our traditions fall around the holidays, like most families. The holidays are important to us. Since our dad has been gone, it seems even more important that we maintain those traditions. For instance one of our favorite traditions is every Christmas morning we make a traditional Lew Family breakfast of barnyard shaped waffles, fruit and sausage. We spend all day in PJs, sipping coffee, and playing with the dogs. Recently, we’ve been doing karoke. Since our dad has been gone, we make a tradition of smoking a cigar in honor of his birthday, Father’s Day or the day he passed.

What three words best describe your family?

Beautiful, funny, unique

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  1. katrina louise
    April 2, 2014

    love these gorgeous women and their strength as well as their ridiculous sense of humor! thanks for the feature! xo


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