Nicky & Marc Engaged

Jun 17, 2014
Nicky & Marc Engaged Christison_Hildebrandt_Ashley_Durance_Photography_NickyandMarcEngaged_lowChristison_Hildebrandt_Ashley_Durance_Photography_NickyandMarcEngaged10_lowChristison_Hildebrandt_Ashley_Durance_Photography_NickyandMarcEngaged14_lowChristison_Hildebrandt_Ashley_Durance_Photography_NickyandMarcEngaged20_lowChristison_Hildebrandt_Ashley_Durance_Photography_NickyandMarcEngaged22_lowChristison_Hildebrandt_Ashley_Durance_Photography_NickyandMarcEngaged29_lowChristison_Hildebrandt_Ashley_Durance_Photography_NickyandMarcEngaged38_lowChristison_Hildebrandt_Ashley_Durance_Photography_NickyandMarcEngaged30_lowChristison_Hildebrandt_Ashley_Durance_Photography_NickyandMarcEngaged42_lowChristison_Hildebrandt_Ashley_Durance_Photography_NickyandMarcEngaged129_lowChristison_Hildebrandt_Ashley_Durance_Photography_NickyandMarcEngaged132_lowChristison_Hildebrandt_Ashley_Durance_Photography_NickyandMarcEngaged139_lowChristison_Hildebrandt_Ashley_Durance_Photography_NickyandMarcEngaged149_lowChristison_Hildebrandt_Ashley_Durance_Photography_NickyandMarcEngaged151_lowChristison_Hildebrandt_Ashley_Durance_Photography_NickyandMarcEngaged153_lowChristison_Hildebrandt_Ashley_Durance_Photography_NickyandMarcEngaged154_low


How did you meet? Please share your story!

Marc and I both worked for the same company but never really got close while working together.  We were both dating other people and would just see each other in the office every now and then.  It wasn’t until a few months after I left the company that Marc contacted me and we actually started talking.  We finally went out on our first date October 26, 2009 to a local pub. Marc and I were both not looking for something serious.  All though we spent almost all of our time together we never made it official until August 13, 2010.

Tell us about your proposal.

Marc and I had planned to visit Marc’s Grandma in Germany January of 2014.

Months leading up to our trip all of our friends kept telling me that Marc was going to propose when we were in Europe!!!  No one actually knew for sure but they were just so excited and were all so hopeful.  Since so many people were expecting it and Marc knew what they were saying I assumed that he would not be proposing on our trip.  Especially since our trip was costing us so much money.  Little did I know he had other plans.

A week into our trip Marc agreed to take me to Paris for a couple nights since it was only a 5 hour drive from his Grandma’s house.  Marc and I arrived in Paris late afternoon onJanuary 6th, because of the rain we quickly purchased our tickets for a On Off Bus tour that would take us around Paris the 2 days that we were there.  Since we arrived so late there was only enough time for us to ride the bus one trip around Paris, the trip ended at Trocadero Square which happened to be the stop closest to our hotel and also the most beautiful looking point for the Eiffel Tower <3 Marc and I soon found out that at certain times of the night white lights started twinkling all over the Eiffel Tower for just a short time.  After we witnessed the twinkling of the lights we had a nice dinner in Trocadero square and then Marc and I called it a night since we had a big day of touring the next day.

The next morning came about and we were on our way to explore Paris!  Our first stop was the Eiffel Tower and from their we rode the On Off Bus and got off at all of the exciting Paris Landmarks.  It was very windy, cold and rainy for most of the day.  We experienced The Louvre, The Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame de Paris, Champs-Elysees and even Ponts des Arts were we sealed our love with a lock on the bridge.  Marc and I finally made our way back to hotel for around 6 with the plan to get changed and go out for dinner.  Since the day was so long and included a lot of walking I suggested to Marc that we just order room service.  Marc not being the adventurous type and always down for lazy dinner brought up that it was our last night in Paris and I would regret not going out one last time.  So, exhausted as we were we ventured out onto the streets of Paris.  Marc suggested that we go back to Trocadero Square where we started the night before and look for a restaurant around there.  Just as we arrived (and now looking back realizing it was8 o’clock on the dot) the Eiffel Tower started twinkling.  I of course had to take pictures and then it was soon over and we made our way to look for a nice restaurant.  As we were walking away from the Eiffel Tower Marc suggested we make our way back since he didn’t want to go to far into the “Out Skirts of Paris”.  I found it kind of strange but my feet were getting sore so I did not mind.  We got back to Trocadero around 8:20pm and Marc suggested that we wait for the Eiffel Tower to light up again, that way we could get one last picture in front of the Eiffel Tower.  Marc and I did not know what the schedule of the lights were so we assumed it was every half hour.  So I figured I could wait 10 minutes.  We had fun, Marc took pictures of me pinching the top of the Eiffel Tower.  We were keeping busy since there was really no where to sit and it was pretty windy.  8:35pm rolled around and the Eiffel Tower did not light up, I some what growled and asked if he was going to make me wait 25 more minutes and he once again said “Its our last night in Paris” . 9pm on the dot the Eiffel Tower lit up!  Marc pulled out his iPhone and we took a couple selfies with the Eiffel Tower in the back ground, he then asked these two girls walking past if they could take a picture of us.  They took multiple photos (clearly knowing that one photo is never enough), Marc then turned toward me and asked me for a kiss, as he kissed me he reached into his sweater pocket and got down on one knee.  I first heard the girls taking the photo squeal and then my heart stopped, I couldn’t believe this was actually happening, I started wondering if this was real life, did he just get on one knee and finally how he kept it a secret from me all this time?!? I was so caught up in the moment and suddenly I heard Marc say, “Please!?!” I realized then that I had left Marc in suspense!  I of course said YES!!! He then put the ring on my finger and jumped up to give me a kiss.  He then said he choose this spot because he knew I would want a photo and at that point I asked him to get down on one knee again just to make sure we got a good photo!  He jumped up once again and started kissing me, the young girls then gave Marc his iPhone back and ran off without saying a word. Marc and I both not knowing where to go next headed back to our hotel.  The whole way back I kept looking back and forth from Marc and then to my ring.  I for one could not believe he kept it a secret from me and two was amazed that MY ring was exactly what I had been hinting at for the past year!  Whenever I would bring up what type of ring I would want Marc would pretend that he couldn’t hear me or he would say “Ya right!”.  To top it all off Marc had the ring specially made for me just the way I had described, “Solitaire Diamond, 6 prongs, dainty band covered in diamonds”.  Needless to say the rest of our trip in Europe was amazing!  Definitely a trip of a lifetime and one for the record books!!!

What is your favourite memory from the proposal?

How do I choose ONE favourite memory!?!?!  How bout…. The whole thing could not have happened if I was a lazy bum and wanted to order room service!

What do you love most about each other? 

This may sounds silly but I love Marc’s hugs.  He makes me feel so loved with one little hug.  No matter how stressed or how upset I am, in that brief moment he makes it all go away.

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