The Lane Family

Feb 24, 2014
The Lane Family noble-oklahoma-family-photography-by-magnolia-adams023noble-oklahoma-family-photography-by-magnolia-adams018noble-oklahoma-family-photography-by-magnolia-adams004noble-oklahoma-family-photography-by-magnolia-adams011noble-oklahoma-family-photography-by-magnolia-adams009noble-oklahoma-family-photography-by-magnolia-adams015noble-oklahoma-family-photography-by-magnolia-adams012noble-oklahoma-family-photography-by-magnolia-adams016noble-oklahoma-family-photography-by-magnolia-adams024noble-oklahoma-family-photography-by-magnolia-adams026noble-oklahoma-family-photography-by-magnolia-adams028noble-oklahoma-family-photography-by-magnolia-adams022


We thought this family session from Magnolia Adams was so cute and we liked how they did it to reveal the gender of the new baby they were having too. Congratulations Lane family!

What is your best family memory?

Watching our daughter meet her little brother for the first time.  We were a little apprehensive about how she would react.  Would she be jealous?  Would she ignore him?  However, all of those fears were alleviated after the initial two seconds of uncertainty.  The second she moved past seeing her mom in the hospital bed and realized that her brother was there and mama was okay, her eyes lit up.  She jumped on the bed and started patting her brother on the back like he was one of her babies.  The pure joy in her face will be etched in our memory forever.

What is your favorite thing to do as a family?

Our favorite thing to do as a family happens on a daily basis.  Every evening when we get home, and then again after dinner, we experience the elation of watching our daughter interact with her new little “brotherman”.  She loves him so dearly, and it shows in the way she talks to him, pats his back, and showers him with hugs & kisses.  My husband and I also enjoy watching one another play and talk with our now 2 ½ year old daughter….never a dull moment!

What do you think makes a happy family?

We don’t think there is one standard formula or plan that applies for every family.  Part of the challenge of the journey every family takes together is discovering where happiness lies and embracing it.  For us, spending as much time as possible together is the current emphasis.  And we try to be intentional about focusing on our kids and each other in the time we get.  However, I will admit that as I type these answers I am completely ignoring my wife and 2-month-old child.  But, we do our best to love each other always, to not be hurtful, and to laugh often.  Also, my wife’s answer to this question was “Happy wife, Happy Life!”  

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