The Jaramillo Family

Jan 1, 2014
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From Lisa:
My good friend Jesenia of Ooh La Love Events, arranged this portrait session for her lovely family. Three generations of amazing cuban woman, a grandmother, daughter and 3 beautiful grand-daughters. The ladies arranged the shoot for their beloved grandmother who requested sweets from their favorite cuban bakery, pineapple juice with mint leaves(her favorite) and of course that they all wear shades of coral-her favorite color.

Family photos are truly priceless, taking the time to get together to make these memories is so very important. Their Abuela loved looking at the prints and talking about this special day that her grand-daughters arranged for her.

We asked the family:

What’s your favorite thing to do as a family? We love celebrating together. From graduations, weddings, or our dogs birthdays, we will come up with any reason to have a party.

What’s the best thing about your family? The best thing about my family is that we are always there for each other good or bad. When times get hard we stick together and help each other get through it. When one of us succeeds we make sure to let them know how proud we are. I always know that if I ever need anything at all my family has my back and I am so blessed to have that.

What do you think makes a happy family? A happy family is a family that has fun and laughs a lot. One that doesn’t always take things so seriously and makes sure to really enjoy the time they have together. I can say that 95% of the time we spend together someone is laughing so hard they cry.

What three words best describe your family? OUT OF CONTROL/ Close, Loud, Crazy


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