Melissa & Quinn Engaged

Nov 4, 2013
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We asked this couple:

How did you meet? Tell us your story.

Quinn and I meet at Kent State University. We had the same Biology and English Writing class together. I made the first move and sat by him one day our class went to the computer lab. We exchanged information and starting talking on AIM and in class.

Describe the proposal.

Our proposal took place at Beaver Creek State Park in October of 2012. We had planned a day of pumpkin carving in one of the picnic areas. Once we got there we both found an empty bench to start carving. We both started carving into the tops of our own pumpkins. As I got the top of my pumpkin cut, I pulled it off and reached inside to pull out the guts. To my surprise, I felt a box & there was a gorgeous vintage stone inside that belonged to Quinn’s grandmother- perfect!

What was your favorite memory from the proposal?

The best memory of our proposal was that we had the whole park to ourselves. No one was around and the weather was completely perfect! It was the perfect way to let the moment soak in and to feel a new love for each other for the very first time.

What do you love most about each other?

Melissa: The best thing I like about Quinn is the way he carries himself. He has a reserved and mysterious way about him that keeps me wanting more.

Quinn: I love how Melissa is unconditionally committed to our relationship. She is always striving to improve our connection and willfully keeps our growth of love for one another a top priority.

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  1. Menning Photographic
    November 4, 2013

    Thanks so much for featuring this session! We loved photographing this couple because their caring for one another is so evident.
    Danielle of Menning Photographic


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