Lindie & Ruvy Engaged

Nov 19, 2013
Lindie & Ruvy Engaged orange-beach-alabama-engagement-leslie-hollingsworth-beloved-darlingorange-beach-alabama-engagement-leslie-hollingsworth-beloved-darling6orange-beach-alabama-engagement-leslie-hollingsworth-beloved-darling2orange-beach-alabama-engagement-leslie-hollingsworth-beloved-darling12orange-beach-alabama-engagement-leslie-hollingsworth-beloved-darling11orange-beach-alabama-engagement-leslie-hollingsworth-beloved-darling14orange-beach-alabama-engagement-leslie-hollingsworth-beloved-darling4orange-beach-alabama-engagement-leslie-hollingsworth-beloved-darling5orange-beach-alabama-engagement-leslie-hollingsworth-beloved-darling7orange-beach-alabama-engagement-leslie-hollingsworth-beloved-darling10orange-beach-alabama-engagement-leslie-hollingsworth-beloved-darling9orange-beach-alabama-engagement-leslie-hollingsworth-beloved-darling8orange-beach-alabama-engagement-leslie-hollingsworth-beloved-darling13orange-beach-alabama-engagement-leslie-hollingsworth-beloved-darling3


How did you two first meet? Tell us your story.

Ruvy: I remember saying a prayer asking The Lord to put a loving and caring women in my life – someone that I can grow old with. That day, I saw Lindie for the first time after a soccer game at the University of Montevallo, which we both attended. I recall seeing this beautiful blond (at least she use to be blond) walking to her car. In my heart I hoped that I would have the opportunity to actually meet her face to face. Two weeks later, the opportunity arrived when both of us participated in a university fundraising event, coincidentally at the same soccer field where I first saw her. My team was conveniently located next to Lindie’s team. During the first activity, I could not take my eyes off, Lindie and happened to catch her cheating, yes, cheating! Not the most ideal situation to initiate our first conversation. I completely embarrassed her by calling her out in front of all the student-athletes participating at the fundraiser. It sparked a conversation that would continue throughout the summer when I went back to South Africa – I knew then that Lindie was someone special.

Describe the proposal.

Lindie: this past summer I was taking classes at out university when I received a text message from my cheerleading coach, Meredith. She asked me if I could meet her in her office after class to sign some papers to teach a youth cheerleading camp (Ruvy and Meredith worked in the same office at the university). I arrived at her office and she informed me that she had left the papers in the cheerleading office at the university gym. I suggested to her that I would come back later because I was running late for my next class. Meredith was persistent in me signing the paper work right away. As we walked out the office I asked where Ruvy was and she told me he was running an errand. So we hoped in Meredith’s car and drove to towards the gym. On the way there she told me that it would be more convenient to park at the back of the gym near the soccer the field. We went passed the gym and went towards the soccer field, where I fell in my seat as I saw Ruvy standing in the middle of the field with a heart of roses surrounding him.

What was your favorite memory from your proposal?

Ruvy: My favorite memory from the proposal was the moment I saw Lindie get out of Meredith’s car and walk down to the soccer field, I knew from that instance that both our lives will never ever be the same again

What do you love most about each other?

Lindie: what I love most about Ruvy is that he surprises me with sweet notes during the week to encourage and motivate me to; love The Lord and depend on Him, and to be a better person for the other people that cross my path. I also love his drive to want to support us in the future.

Ruvy: what I love most about Lindie is her enthusiasm about things she loves to do. She has the ability to energize me when she gets excited about something. I love Lindies’ radiant smile – she really has the most beautiful smile in the world. I love the way Lindie cares so deeply for others that are less fortunate.  Finally, I do not love Lindie for who she is, or for what she does. I love Lindie just as she is.

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  1. jackie smith
    November 20, 2013

    Ruvy and Lindie: Who could ever guess that two people from different parts of the world could have been brought together. There was a plan.

    Your love for each other was made in Heaven by a greater power. ” There is no greater love”. HE has a plan for the two of you, I hope I am around to see what it is. I love you both…Gangy


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