Allyna & Tudor

Sep 23, 2013
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We asked:

How did you meet? Tell us your story!

We met at a soccer tournament. I thought he was cute, I was only 15 and a half at the time and he was 22. I sat next to him to watch a game and extended my hand to say hello randomly. He didn’t and left me hanging and made up for it by saying he was joking. I left thinking I’ll never see him again. A month later, he walks in my church, specifically at choir practice. I guess this all doesn’t make sense unless I tell you the REAL details… It might be unbelievable to hear or accept but this is the real details behind all of this.

I always prayed to God to meet my husband somewhere besides church. Not that church was bad but I wanted my Love Story to be crazy amazing and adventurous. I  just finished reading the book “When God Writes Your Love Story” and it changed everything! I made crazy stories up in my head to keep my hopes up, I even told a bunch of people how I’m going to meet my husband in some foreign place and we’ll meet while we’re both waiting in line to bungee jump or some crazy made up fairy tale story like that.

I love soccer, it’s my passion, and I guess you can say I met Tudor at the place where my heart and passion was. He was just a cherry on top! Or an extra point in the goal I should say. It took a while though to develop our affection for each other.

Describe the proposal:

It was 2 days before Valentines Day! He had to leave out of town on Valentines Day and said he wanted to spend some time with me before he left. He took me to Palos Verdes that day to a great breakfast and then to a park where there were a few cameras set up. I thought a photo shoot was taking place but I saw no model. I looked and him and said I wonder what they are doing and he casually said we would find out if I wanted. I am a film major so he knew I was going to be interested in what these guys were doing. As we got closer to them there was a beautiful cliff that he just stopped me at and relaxed. One of the video guys came to us and asked us if we would like to be their model just temporarily as they set up their cameras because the model was running late. We said sure and as we sat down the were 3 cameras just recording us. The guy told us to just talk and act as if they were not there. That’s when I thought something fishy was going on, this was too good to be true. And Tudor said, “May I say some nice words since Valentine’s is coming up? The camera men all agreed a bit too excitedly. As Tudor said his lovely words to me about how much he loves me, I saw his lip quiver and saw how shaky he was getting and I knew what was about to happen. He got on one knee, all cameras on us, and proposed. I took the ring first and then hugged him! I couldn’t believe how sparkly and big the ring was. He did a fantastic job!

What do you love most about each other?

Allyna: I love how forgiving and loving he is towards me and many other people.
Tudor: Her serving hear and positive attitude in the hard times.


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