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Val & Matt • 3 years

Oct 14, 2013
Val & Matt • 3 years Beloved-Darling-Bethany-Belle-8Beloved-Darling-Bethany-Belle-1Beloved-Darling-Bethany-Belle-9Beloved-Darling-Bethany-Belle-6Beloved-Darling-Bethany-Belle-2Beloved-Darling-Bethany-Belle-7Beloved-Darling-Bethany-Belle-3Beloved-Darling-Bethany-Belle-15Beloved-Darling-Bethany-Belle-16Beloved-Darling-Bethany-Belle-14Beloved-Darling-Bethany-Belle-4Beloved-Darling-Bethany-Belle-13Beloved-Darling-Bethany-Belle-11Beloved-Darling-Bethany-Belle-12Beloved-Darling-Bethany-Belle-5Beloved-Darling-Bethany-Belle-10


Happy Monday! We are excited to start off this week with this sweet anniversary session from Bethany Belle Photography. This couple couldnt be sweeter and we absolutely love the colors. Their love is so strong and it just jumps out of the screen at us and we are so excited to share it with the world. Happy 3 years Val and Matt!

We asked them what they learned over their years of marriage:

Matt and I have been married for 3 years this past summer. We got married relatively young and with that comes some challenges. However, as we both have grown and matured, so has our marriage. I believe one of the keys to a strong marriage is communication and without it a marriage can easily crumble. I also believe that how you fight, not only how you love, is a huge part of how healthy your marriage is. Every one fights, but you have to learn to fight well, be humble and be gracious. My biggest advice to newlyweds is to date each other often! Life can get busy and hectic but never put your marriage in the back burner. And laugh a lot! Laughter and marriage go really well together.

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