Diana & Benjamin • 1.5 Years

Jul 18, 2013
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We asked:

How did you two meet? Tell us your story:

We met at a small Christian get together at a house belonging to a couple who wanted to host a party for single professionals. We hit it off and talked all night but no information was ever exchanged due to busy lives. About a year and a half went by and Benjamin popped into my head during an Easter service. I reached out to a mutual friend to see how he was doing and my number got passed along. Six months after our first date we were married!

What do you love most about each other?

Diana: Benjamin loves and accepts people in the same way that I do. We love people together right where they are in life and for who they are. He is so accepting towards others. You can’t help but fall in love with a man who genuinely loves others. 

Benjamin: Her sincerity. She means what she says and when she commits to something she does it. There aren’t and guessing games with her.

What have you learned over your years of marriage?

In our year and a half of marriage we have quickly learned to speak kindly to one another, and choose words carefully. You marry someone for who they are, not who you hope they will become. A wife should always respect her husband by the way she speaks to him and manages the household income. A husband needs to love his wife unconditionally and Benjamin lives by the motto, “Happy wife, happy life!”

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