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Michelle & Bryan • 2 years

Oct 1, 2013
Michelle & Bryan • 2 years MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_005MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_024MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_034MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_031MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_004MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_012MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_035MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_006MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_008MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_038MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_011MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_019MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_037MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_020MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_029MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_036MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_023MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_025MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_039MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_033MichelleBryan_130429_COLOUR_028


Every so often you come across an anniversary session that takes your breath away. You just get drawn in and for a brief moment you share in the romance the couple shares. That’s what happened when this anniversary session arrived in our inbox. Michelle and Brian look so hopelessly in love, we can’t even stand it…it’s too beautiful! Michelle (who is a photographer herself, see her work here) and Brian hired Victoria to join them in Province, France to do this anniversary session and we are so glad they did. These photos are to die for. 

We asked them:

How did you meet? Tell us your story!

Bryan and I met the summer before my junior year of college. I was really bored with just taking classes, so I figured I’d teach myself guitar…. well when that didn’t play out too well, I asked my friends if anyone knew of a teacher. My roommate recommended Bryan, so he came over that night to see where I was at in my skills (or lack thereof). He was really kind and patient. The lesson ended, and he said we should do it again sometime. Well a few days later I showed up to the church I led worship at and who had subbed for our main worship leader for the summer? None other than my cute guitar teacher, Bryan. We led together, he taught me guitar and saved me from flunking my math class, and the rest is history! 

Tell us about the proposal.

I simply LOVE our proposal story! It was almost a year after we met. I’d been working at a camp all summer, and I came home for two weeks before I went out of the country for a mission trip. Bryan gave me a sheet of paper as my belated birthday present, and it told me we were going to have a “love session” with my favorite local photographer that Thursday! Of course I kind of guessed what was happening, but I LOVE being surprised. So I tried my best! Well that Thursday morning rolls around and we headed over to Bryan’s place around 7am to pick out his outfits for the shoot. It started POURING rain, and looking at the forecast, it wasn’t going to clear up any time soon. I was bummed, but thought it would be alright- we’d just reschedule for next week. Well, we were sitting on the couch in his apartment and he jumped up, said “Wait right there,” ran to his room and back, and sat back down with me. He said, “Well, today was supposed to be different, but I’m still going to do what I planned on doing. So… ” And he knelt down and asked me to marry him. And it was the most perfect moment of my life. We kissed for the first time and then called all our friends and family immediately! At 7:30 in the morning.

What do you love most about eachother? 

Michelle: I LOVE how patient and gentle my sweet man is. Some days I really don’t understand it! He loves the Lord with his entire being, and is such an amazing, servant-hearted man. He is my greatest encourager and supporter for my business, and I don’t think I could do it without him. He loves so sacrificially. 

Bryan: My wife has a special talent for making whoever she’s talking to feel like the most important person in the world. She’s caring, interested, funny, sympathetic, and sweet to whoever she meets. And when she’s talking to me… I feel like the best version of myself. 

 What have you learned over your years of marriage?

Over our two years of marriage we have learned that communication is always key. Silence doesn’t help anyone, and a bear hug and gentle kiss can fix anything. If you truly trust your beloved with your heart, and take care of his or hers, your marriage will be beautiful.

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