Kailey & Aj • 2 years

Oct 7, 2013
Kailey & Aj • 2 years Santos_1yr_023-14Santos_1yr_021-12Santos_1yr_022-13Santos_1yr_018-9Santos_1yr_017-82Santos_1yr_015-6Santos_1yr_013-4Santos_1yr_009-7Santos_1yr_010-8Santos_1yr_005-4Santos_1yr_003-21Santos_1yr_001-2


Describe the proposal:

AJ proposed to me on Sept 24, 2010, at Kaena Point, Hawaii. It was beautiful, loving, and perfect. Even now as I write this, I get emotional and just grin dumbly to myself…The day started like any other day. We often go exploring around the island when we have some free time, so when I found out I didn’t have to be with a client that day, he asked me if I wanted to go exploring, and I said sure. Our first stop was to the mall, haha, which was my idea not his because I simply wanted to pick up some perfume at Victoria’s Secret. AJ came with me, though, because he’s loving & patient. After the mall, we went by the health department at the hospital where he worked and picked up his paycheck. I sat in the car for about 30mins listening to my Pandora “ink spots” station and took a light snooze. I say all these things to show it honestly was like any other day, nothing out of the ordinary, which made the surprise engagement that much better. After driving about 45mins up the west side of Oahu, Hawaii, we reached this dirt spot that overlooked the ocean. “There” he said as he pointed to a dirt path which looked like it led to a very long hiking route, so we got out of the car and began our expedition. About an hour passed when I realized that this place was way farther than I anticipated, and I think he realized it too. However, we kept on our way, hiking along the cliff side, watching the water crash on the giant black lava rocks, talking about the past, little bits of the here and now, and eventually the future. It was a very nice hike, just very hot! About another 45mins passed and I began to wonder to myself, “where on earth are we really going.” We had even passed a car in a ravine that had obviously tried and failed to drive this hiking route! I don’t know why they even attempted, it was such a narrow cliff face, it just demonstrates how intense of a hike this was for us on foot! As we staggered on our way, feet beginning to ache and dirt accumulating on our faces, we saw it: an incredibly beautiful private beach with diamond white sand, jet black rocks and deep blue pools of turquoise water. Here, I began my adventuring. It wasn’t long before I found something that caught my interest, an adorable monk seal! I watched it playing among the reef and the rocks and had to get closer. I grabbed AJ, and hand in hand we ventured over to the place where the seal was. I then climbed up on a larger rock by myself to get closer to the seal for a photo. I was so excited and having so much fun that I wasn’t paying any attention to what AJ was doing. I then exclaimed, “AJ, this is AWESOME!” and then he replied, “Yeah? You know what else is awesome?” And as I turned to say “what?” I saw him on his knee, with a wooden box and a beautiful sparkling ring inside it. I was awestruck. A jumble of words was coming out of my mouth so fast that I could barely speak a straight sentence. Then he said, “Kailey, will you marry me?” I couldn’t believe it! I shouted, actually shouted, “YES!” and threw my arms around him, almost knocking him off the rock and we kissed as I started to cry extremely happy tears. He helped me to my feet as I began to regain my composure and then he told me we had to hurry and hike back because he wanted to share the fireworks in Waikiki with me that night, and then go to dinner. We hustled back threw the almost 2 hr hiking trail, drove about 90mph on the 55mph H1 and made it just in time to grab a parking spot and sit on the beach by a beautiful lagoon. Fireworks were bursting, my heart was beaming, and everything was simply beautiful and perfect. After we changed, we went out to dinner, popped a bottled of champagne, and said a toast to our exciting futures. It was an absolutely unforgettable day. I cannot wait to be his wife, and explore our exciting new adventure… our lives as husband and wife!

What was your favorite memory from your proposal? 

When AJ said, “you know what else is awesome?” and I turned and saw him on his knee.

What do you love most about each other?

She said: I love how much he just always wants to see me happy. He’s extremely romantic and is so very thoughtful, always thinking of ways, big and small, to make me smile.

He said: I love her adventurous spirit, and curious demeanor.

What have you learned over your years of marriage?

As we approach our second year of marriage, we’ve learned a lot about becoming one and being on the same team. Fighting FOR each other and our goals and being patient with the efforts in our journey through life. I’ve also learned that AJ likes the room clean when he comes home from his shift at the hospital. haha. He’s learned that when i’m working on an invitation order, that i’m in my design zone and to tread lightly, haha.


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