Dani & Matt

  • Photographer /

    Clarissa Koenig

  • Meet / Dani & Matt

  • Location / Santa Barbara, CA
  • Session / Engagement
Oct 4, 2013
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We wanted to know about their proposal so we asked!

Dani: This last January, Matt and I were on vacation in Maui. This was Matt’s first visit to Hawaii, and I was so excited to share my favorite place with him! The third day of our vacation, Matt really wanted to take a trip to the other side of the island which is called Hana.  In order to get to Hana you must take “the Road to Hana”. It is called this because it is a very long and windy road, full of hairpin turns.  But it is also a beautiful rainforest with flowering vegetation, hiking opportunities and waterfalls along the way. It takes about three hours to get all the way up to the town of Hana.

So…. I was a little bit hesitant because I knew this was an all day journey, but I figured let’s do it so we can just enjoy the beach and relax the rest of our trip. I wanted to show Matt the turn off where there used to be a beautiful waterfall that I would love to climb the cliff, and jump off from the top to the cool green pool below. Unfortunately 10 years ago, they put up a stone wall that blocks the path. So to my excitement when we pulled over, I saw to the side of the wall that someone had taken down some of the barbed wire so you could get through to the path that led to the waterfall. I looked at Matt and said, “should we go through!” Matt said, “yah let’s do it!” Then Matt told me, “wait I have to go get my backpack”. I replied, “Your backpack? What— come on we’re jumping the wall!” But Matt went and got his backpack and as we walked down the path we were surrounded by a green beautiful rainforest and tons of palm trees. I start jumping up and down hugging him because I was so excited to be back here, and I could see the waterfall beyond the path. As we got to the waterfall, it was just as beautiful as I had remembered it.

I took a picture of Matt by the waterfall, then he took my picture, and I was in my own world taking more pictures of the beautiful waterfall. I could hear Matt opening his backpack but thought nothing of it because I was really in my own world taking photos of the gorgeous scenery around us. As soon as I turned around to tell Matt how amazing this was, there he was down on one knee!!! I barely remember what he said because I was in shock, but it was something like ….Danielle (yes, he said Danielle) …will you spend the rest of your life with me? I said YESSS!!!! After I said WHAT!!!! It was truly amazing and still gives me chills to this day. Matt is such a romantic and I am so happy and thrilled to get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!



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