Vow Renewals
Toni & Mario

May 7, 2014
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We asked:

What have you learned over your years of marriage?

The trick is learning how to love an imperfect person perfectly. We’ve learned that communication, patience, and laughter are key! We always try to keep a good sense of humor about things.

What do you love most about each other?

He said - “Her sweet & caring nature”

She said - “Mario is my biggest fan. I love how encourages me, challenges me, and always supports me.”

What advice do you have for others who are planning their vow renewal?

A vow renewal is unique to each couple. Some may see it as an opportunity to have the wedding they never had, others may want to recommit after overcoming obstacles, and others may want to celebrate a milestone anniversary.  Advice: Keep it simple, and don’t forget what its all about… the two of you. We chose to renew our vows on our 1yr anniversary because our wedding day flew by so fast.  There were so many nerves and so many eyes watching us. It was a “repeat after me” kind of ceremony. We wanted to renew our wedding vows in private where we could enjoy the intimacy and really savor each moment and every word. We re-wrote them and spoke from our hearts.

What was your most memorable moment about your vow renewal?

She said - “When I looked at Mario as I read him my vows, I could see how much he truly cherished each and every word.”

He said - “The smile on Toni’s face once we finished our vows.”

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